A bit about Truth, from new book…

And… the ONLY way anyone can awaken to the Truth is to do so from Within oneself. And the term “Within” refers to a person awakening to some bit of Truth that the person has “earned” by completing the Karma necessary to acquire such Knowledge. And the term Knowledge refers to bits of completed Karma, which are stored Within ones Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul]. Knowledge is akin to Wisdom, in other words. And nothing about Wisdom is theoretical.

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Wisdom refers to ones personal experiential Knowledge that ones MIND has engaged in, and fully explored: Both the Yang [male outgoing energy] and yin [female ingoing energy] of some aspect of Life are known by ones MIND… but the Truth behind such experience is ONLY part of what I refer to as the ‘Apapsyche” or Operational Energy of ones Soul: Wisdom, in other words.
So, when someone who possesses Knowledge of something speaks about what he or she KNOWS [as opposed to what he “thinks” he knows], that person is speaking Truth. And the Wisdom that person has acquired regarding what he or she is saying… uses ‘words’ to describe what that person KNOWS…  But the words being used cannot convey the Truth those words can only point to… like a sign post.  Whether or not others can comprehend the Truth of what is being pointed to by the invisible “riders of Truth’ [which are themselves invisible]… depends upon the level of Enlightenment of the listener  [since the Truth that person is referring to can only be conveyed in the hidden form of “riders of Truth”],  and these “riders” are subtly and invisibly attached to the tangible words the person is using. And only an Enlightened person [whose time has come to awaken to such “riders of Truth’] can ‘see’ or ‘hear’ [actually experience] such Truth. This is the mystical message Christ gave to his disciples. Now, how many of his disciples comprehended what Christ said… is another matter?
The ‘words’ used to explain this mystical phenomenon can be read, seen, and defined by any literate person… but rare are those who can awaken to the invisible CONCEPT that words alone can only point to. It is the invisible Spiritual dimension that most people are unable to “experience,” because  Knowledge of the invisible phenomena of Life must be [can ONLY be] KNOWN while ones Attn Aspect of Apapsyche has left ones physical brain, and temporarily taken up residence in ones Apapsyche;  or the Operational Energy of ones Soul. The Spiritual dimension Within oneself, in other words is forever hidden to ones brain and this physical universe.

The Truth, in other words… must be experienced [Intuitively] by ones faculty of Intuition, or it cannot be known at all. It is not possible, in other words to “know” the Truth by use of ones brain. Now, for the intellectual, this is a very hard concept to accept [pride, ego, fear, disbelief, etc working against onself]. But it is a fact nonetheless.

There are natural vibrational barriers between ones brain, ones MIND, and ones Spiritual dimension so that ONLY those who are supposed to “see” and “hear” the Esoteric levels of Truth can do so. And the barrier between ones MIND and ones Soul is such that ones MIND cannot perceive ones Soul, and thus, ones MIND fears the “unknown” energy of ones Soul. And this fact is little known, even among those who do possess bits of Truth and Knowledge. A combination of factors came together Within me [no doubt enhanced by 30+  years as a Psychotherapist] that caused me to awaken to what I am sharing with the reader. I comprehend what I am sharing, but to go much further than what I have shared… I cannot [in words] do.

Perhaps the two or three who read this blog would be interested in when and how I came to discover the concept of “riders of Truth”?  I will blog that story next.

Peace, Brother James


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