Let me begin this blog with an apology to many in America who have consistently warned about the “one-worlders,” like Rockefeller, Bush the elder [and his sons], many RINOs, and most recently the latest convert Paul Ryan.  These people share several things in common, and what they share is more important to them than politics, government, religion, or even God.

What they share is a deep-seated [and MIND directed compulsive belief] that they are part of an elite category of Man, and it is their duty to help mankind achieve a great Utopian dream of a one world government, headed by malevolent people who are convinced that their great wealth [the result of unmitigated long-term Greed (and wisely keeping this wealth/sense of privilege) in their family ]; and pure Intellectualism — [great intelligence absent Conscience, Consciousness, or Spirituality], allows them [gives them the right to]  Control the lives of others by manipulating people in positions of power by shrewd seduction… and promising positions of power to these people when the “one-worlders” finally come to power.

The term zealot would be much too crass to describe these would-be rulers of the world.  They are quite convinced that their idea of god placed them on Earth to rule mankind.  And for them, there is no doubt what they “think” is true.  There are some people who have been able to “see” this delusional condition of these one-worlders, but those capable of “seeing” this secret [conspiracy of the deluded] have consistently been isolated, ridiculed, and dismissed by the lap-dogs in the media who serve these elite ‘masters’ of humanity.  It is the insight of these people who have warned us to whom I offer my apologies.  I faintly have awakened to this light myself, but perhaps too late?

The UN is operated by this elite group of people whose delusional obsession rises beyond the lowly status of the UN, or the European Union, or the United States  of America.  The residences of these elite people will be found on the shores of Lake Geneva, in Switzerland,  the Hills of Hollywood, and in the wealthy estates in special places around the globe.

When Christ said that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to pass through the Gates of Heaven, Christ was speaking about those whose nature is to place wealth and power on a pedestal as their god.

The “servant” class who serve this elite class of people are to be found in positions of power in both government and commerce… having been placed in their positions by the well-directed use of money and influence wielded by the one-worlders.  And others are corrupted, or blackmailed into compliance as they are needed. Quietly and without fanfare, of course.

TPP and its support pieces of legislation are the lynch pins to the hoped for collapse of America as this one-world elite maneuver the Constitution to serve their goals.  In the Bible, what is taking place today around the world is prophecy, but too cryptic for many to comprehend.  TPP is intended to give Obama the authority to legally obligate the United States  [by treaty] to the rules and regulations of the UN, thus bringing America under the eventual CONTROL of the Anti-christ and the False Prophet, or the two principles who will lead the world toward Armageddon.  The final war of Mankind, wherein the one-world Controlled nations will find themselves at war with Israel [or God], is what TPP is all about.

And we are told this is no big deal.  Well, for those Souls who want to participate in Resurrection, Americans being obligated to join the Anti-chirst in a war against God is a “big deal”.  So, now you know what prompted me yesterday to try and encourage Americans to try and prevent the Congress from voting for TPP, and thereby condemning Americans to the Lake of Fire with the rest of the Souls of the Earth who will find themselves judged as unworthy of Resurrection.

It occurs to me that in some way this TPP controversy is about America about to embrace the 666 of the Bible via this one-world leap into handing US trade over to Control by the UN.


Brother James


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