Knowledge vs Information, section of new book:

Or put another way, we are taught that teachers can provide us information that will [when a sufficient amount is accumulated] ‘lead’ to Knowledge. And this belief is the natural result of linear thinking, teaching, and a way of life suitable for the ‘illusion of life’ which many believe is the only reality there is. And, since linear thinking is natural to the brain of Man, no small wonder that most people believe what they are taught. That is, learning in a straight line; or sequential learning, or first this, then that, and eventually enough data to add up to knowledge [or this is what we are told is the way knowledge is acquired].
The problem with this idea is… it is wrong. It is wrong, but it is also the only thing the Intelack type personality knows, and since education today is dominated by Intelack type people, education follows the Intelack way of thinking [which is Delusional Thinking] or thinking associated with either reading words or having thoughts fed to ones brain by ones MIND.
In the case of processing words one already knows [one takes what one thinks one knows about a word], and “fits” this into what one is reading. And in this way, we subtly bend what we are reading to “fit” what we think about what we are reading. This probably should be called subtle prejudicial alignment of reading material to align it with ones personal prejudices.
And I suspect the reader has not previously been told how much prejudice he or she brings to what is being read, right? When each word we think we know is associated with a particular experience [with which that word is stored Within our cerebral memory] our present viewing of that word cannot help but be somewhat colored by the event experience in which that word is stored Within our brains. But linear thinking is always charging ahead, never backward, so our own prejudices are ignored [normally] in favor of the overall story we are reading. And if two people, having read the same material were to be questioned about what they read, separately, we would find two similar accounts… with minor variations. These minor variations are due to the subtle and unique memory patterns being interjected by each reader’s brain… and these will not be found in the material read.
So, why have you not been told this before? Primarily because my experiences are quite different from most writers, and quite different from most people. How many people do you know, for instance that have been a teacher for 12 years, a Psychotherapist specializing in the Esoteric MIND of Man for over 30 years, and have spent 43 years engaged in daily Spiritual meditation of about 2 hours each day?
I have been writing about the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man for quite some time. And I only know of two other books that address the Esoteric and invisible MIND of Man. One book was written by Dr. Julian Johnson, The Path of the Masters, and the other book was written by Dr. Randolph Stone, The Wireless Anatomy of Man, and both books are listed in the Bibliography in the back of this book.
There is a point to my sharing the above concepts with the reader beyond simply revealing the existence of phenomena that are largely unknown. The point is that to discover the Truth of Life, one must look other than where the brain can see.

Brother James


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