CAN OBAMA LOOK NORMAL & BE INSANE? Let’s consider this..

This is perhaps an unusual question for those unfamiliar with the field of mental health, and in particular the field of Psychology… but the fact is, there are many levels of insanity, not just either-or.

Over my own career [some 30+ years], as a Psychotherapist [specializing in the MIND – which is not the brain], I have come across a number of very bright, intelligent individuals who carried on a regular life, and hid from everyone they knew some truly bizarre things.  My point is this… it is not always possible to tell whether or not a person is insane just by looking at the person.

And I would not be opening myself to the negativity of those who believe in President Obama, Or those dedicated to making sure he never makes a mistake.. if  I was not concerned for the welfare of the nation.

Let me ask this simple question:  In America, the Commander in Chief [Obama] is the only person who can give orders to protect the nation from invasion, or other forms of terrorist threats.  If the reader will recall the incident in Benghazi, Libya, in which four Americans were killed, one of which was Ambassador Stevens… well, the person who had to give the orders to send help to these Americans was President Obama.  Help was not sent, although it was requested several times by Ambassador Stevens.  But these requests were made to Secretary Clinton, and she refused to send help to  Ambassador Stevens [or she was told not to send help]?

On the night of the attack, the only thing that the Congress has been able to get from the Executive branch is that  President Obama was notified of the request for immediate help by Ambassador Stevens, by his Secretary of Defense, Leon Penetta. So President Obama knew of this request by the Ambassador, and we are told that Obama turned the responsibility over to his Secretary of Defense, and Obama went to bed [according to accounts].  The problem is… ONLY Obama can issue the orders to launch the many assets available to  help the four Americans. It is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF.  Now our question to answer is this:  What reason would the Commander in Chief refuse to engage in his Primary Responsibility to protect Americans under fire in a foreign nation?

Obama was getting up early to fly to Nevada for a fundraiser, we found out eventually.  But surely the welfare of an Ambassador and three Americans would take precedence over a fundraiser, right?

Since Obama refused to be questioned, and his staff were prevented from testifying  [due to Obama invoking Executive privilege], this question has never been answered.  But, what if the “reason” was Psychological… and known to very few, or perhaps only one other person, his close confidant Valerie Jarrett?

Recently I came across the term Atychiphobia, which is the name of phobia for a person who fears being wrong.  Or put another way, someone  unable to make decisions regarding anything of importance.  Like being unable to make a strategy for dealing with ISIS! for eighteen months. And even a fear that extends to speaking which requires such a person to use a teleprompter to avoid making a mistake.  A person who fears making a decision would be quite a serious liability as a Commander in Chief, would it not?

Now, the MIND of such a person would have, over time, become quite adept at hiding this serious mental condition… with the help of someone such as Valerie Jarrett.   And since Obama was a Democrat, all he needed to Control the Senate would be the head of the Senate, Reid.  And now we know why the Senate did not pass a single piece of legislation for over a year.   This allowed Obama to avoid contact with the Senate and the House, until he found something with which to control the Speaker of the House. But that is another problem.

Now that ISIS is moving across the entire Middle East, and even beginning to manifest in the United States itself, as well as crossing the Souther Border, how can America survive with a President who refuses to say the words Islamic Terrorist?  The father of Obama was a Muslim Marxist whose primary interest was seeking to initiate revolution in Africa.  His father taught Obama that America and Great Britain were both colonial powers to be hated. His father abandoned him very early in life, no doubt traumatizing Obama severely.  His mother also abandoned him to pursue her own Socialist career. Left to his grand parents, his first teacher was a Communist names Frank Marshall Davis.  And after spending 20 years listening to Reverend Wright who hates all Americans, but especially white Americans, Obama had the deeply repressed traumata that gave rise to his  Atychiphobia reinforced continuously.

And this brings us to his negotiation with Iran, where he is conceding everything Iran wants in order to say: “You see, I said I could reach a treaty with Iran”.  The psychological need to not be wrong… is an insane driver of Obama, and his condition makes his position as President a clear and present danger to the United States of America.  In addition, his non-conscious hatred of America, and in particular “white Americans,” which has some bearing on his insistence that the Southern Border remain open to those who would do America harm…  is a symptom of his insanity.  With Islamist terrorism on the rise around the world, and even in America, and his fear of being forced to make a decision contrary to his Muslim Brotherhood affiliations [which would also be finding his father’s Muslim hatred of America wrong], Obama is, in my opinion. due for a breakdown, and with the rising nuclear threat of several nations, including an EMP threat from Russia, America is in no position to risk everything to pretend Obama is not seriously incapable of fulfilling the demands of President.

I beseech the Congress and the American people to act to save what is left of America.  Obama must be Impeached, Tried for Treason, or found mentally incompetent to hold the highest office in the World.

God Save America,

Brother James


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