The reason I mention this is that I just recently discovered there is a term for the various symptoms President Obama has been exhibiting since he first found himself in the WhiteHouse.  As a retired Psychotherapist of some 30+ years, I have noted with considerable interest many of the symptoms Obama has exhibited over the last several years.

And especially since the rapid rise of ISIS, as it spreads its brutality and murder of Christians, and decapitating of Westerners it comes across… and continues to take over large sections  of the Middle East… with the aide of Iran.  And all of this has been taking place daily for almost 18 months.  And, in all this time, there has been no coherent response from Obama [as Commander in Chief].   So naturally, many are asking why is there no response?  Well, I now know the reason there has been no response.

The other question being asked is how come Obama is willing to concede virtually anything to the militant cleric leaders of Iran, who have made no secret of their hatred for Israel and the United States, as they flaunt  both their hatred of America and the fact they have no interest in reducing  their enrichment of military grade Uranium.  What is so important about an agreement?

Well, there is a single answer for both of these questions.  But the answer  requires a person to posses more than a fleeting understanding of the Psychology of Man.  And that greatly reduces the number of people capable of providing an answer.  So, what causes Obama to do the strange things he does, including no seeming interest in stopping the invasion of ISIS in the Middle East, or in crossing the Souther Border of the United States of America?

The answer is a conflict Within the MIND of Obama,  labeled “Atychiphobia,”  but this is only one aspect of the non-conscious psychological conflict .  But  this condition is severe enough that it deserves the immediate attention of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the immediate action of the Congress of the United States of America.

If, America was not in debt of 18 Trillion dollars, if the unemployment rate was not almost depression levels in many areas, and if Islamic extremists were not attacking the United States from within our own borders… then we might  limp along with a President that is all but officially insane.

In my opinion, the only thing that is likely preventing some in Congress from charging Obama with Treason, or at the least dereliction of duty… is these politicians fear a reaction of black people if they sought to remove Obama from office.  The almost instant burning, destruction, and willingness to engage in anarchy blacks demonstrated when a bully who robbed a store owner was killed… is no doubt a show of force engineered by the racist Holder, and Obama, that it served as a warning to the Congress not to try and interfere with the abuse of power and corruption Obama has made a key part of his administration.

But America is faced with a severe and very Real dilemma.. in that, if Obama is left in office, there will be no attempt on his part to seriously interfere in the march of ISIS, even into America.  And the acts of terrorism in the nation will only increase as O interferes in the law trying to protect Americans.  And yes, these are very harsh words.

But the conflicted MIND of Obama is unable to take any action against Islamic aggression [since his father was a Muslim].  And after 20 years in the Church of Reverend Wright, plus his father’s hatred of the ‘colonialist’ America, O’s MIND cannot “see” Islam as a danger.  This inability is part of the condition of Atychiphobia, or fear of being wrong.  The fear is a fear of being wrong in the eyes of his father, and has nothing to do with America.  This same overriding blockage to normal reasoning applies to both the condition of Atychiphobia and being a sociopath [or someone with little or no access to normal emotionality].

Now, no one can “see” any of this by simply looking at Obama.  The evil deeply repressed Within his MIND is invisible to those looking at him as much as it is invisible to his own awareness.  But the Czars he appointed to make his decisions for him in the various agencies and Departments of government,  they are committed to “protecting” him from having to take responsibility for anything he does.  It is part of the Marxist type personality that they tend to protect the evil natures of those just like themselves.  I’m sure people have noticed this with Democrat politicians.

The IRS, from the top down circled the wagons when it was discovered that the IRS intentionally prevented Conservative organizations from receiving their 501c3, or c4 approvals… simply to prevent the Conservative Corporations from raising funds against Obama in his second election.  But that corruption, as rotten as it is,  dims in importance to World War III, which is as yet unidentified, but it is quite active in Iraq, and all along the Euphrates River.

Americans, if Obama is not removed immediately, he WILL destroy America before the elections of 2016.  Please encourage the people in Congress to do the right thing, and bring charges against Obama for any of the many ways he has exhibited treason against America.  And when Iran is ready to hurl its Atomic missile  at the US, if Obama is still in office… well, use your own imagination.

God help America

Brother James


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