When Knowledge Precedes Status… one must have patience.

I  turned 80 years of age last week.  And since I graduated with an MS in Psychology/Psychotherapy in 1988 [that’s 28 years ago] I have been aware for each of the 28 years… that I Know far too much about the MIND of Man, and the Esoteric operations of Psychology to be accepted in the conventional circles of what is now referred to as the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.   And… my challenge is this:  How do I explain what I have known, experienced, and railed against for so long… without seeming bitter, sad, angry, upset, or some other negative emotion seeping through in my writing?

The answer is, being me, I can’t actually do that… because I have worked very hard for over 40 years to be as congruent with my emotional self as I can be.   I have discovered over this time that if one intentionally accepts whatever emotional energy is active Within oneself [and in my writing the term Within (in bold and italic) means that what is being referred to is Esoteric and invisible], then one can avoid having to “act out” that emotional energy.  And yes, this means that such emotional energy is normally acted out habitually.  A habit  ones MIND creates so that  it can help oneself dissociate such [usually negative] emotional energy in a “Delusional” way in which ones MIND causes one to believe that some person, place, or thing outside of oneself is responsible for what one is feeling,  saying, or doing.  And projecting responsibility for what one is experiencing Within oneself upon others is part of the “DM=SI” of ones MIND.  And because this process of dissociation and projection is dishonest, it is a form of Sublte Insanity… or the “SI” part of DM=SI.

DM=SI [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity] is the primary defense mechanism of the MIND of each person.  In some people,  it is constantly active [because such people can’t assume any responsibility for their actions [President Obama is such a person]… and oddly enough, people with such an intense fear of responsibility draw to themselves “enablers” who will spend their lives protecting such a person from having to take responsibility for anything.  The Czars Obama has placed as the heads of all departments and agencies of government are such people, and for them, Obama can do nothing WRONG, ever.

It just so happens that the enabler type person is usually an Intelack type personality, and this means such a person is prone to lying, cheating, stealing, and is also prone to believe he or she is an elitist [and this is due to the Malady of Intellectualism [or M-I]  being the driving force Within such a person.

“You make me angry,”  “You hurt my feelings,” “He knows I don’t like that word,” and so forth, are all  expressions people who fear the emotional energy Within themselves tend to project.  Such statements are dishonest and they are intended to project the negative energy active Within oneself upon others… thus blaming ones own emotionality on someone or some thing outside oneself.  And, this denial and projection  is a subtle form of insanity.

The best way to combat this subtle form of insanity is to completely own all of ones emotionality, no matter how embarrassing ones emotional reactions might be?

So, when I say that BS&bp [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] is responsible for much of the conflict America is experiencing today… am I being dishonest and projecting, or am I being honest and simply reporting the less than obvious facts?  For some readers, this many be a tough decision, especially if they have bought into the disinformation BS&bp has been indoctrinating America with over the last century?

I’m OK with whatever response a reader wants or needs to make to my writing.  The advantage of knowing oneself is accepting oneself, and ones emotions.  It is OK for me to hate Evil, for instance.  It is wrong to hate, of course, but it is better to hate Evil than to accept it, or even compromise with it.  Life on this Earth forces us to make choices constantly.  And each choice is “judged” as to where it places ones Soul on the side of good or Evil.  But rare is the person who is aware that every choice one makes is a part of ones Karma, and every choice either helps one rise, or descend.  And any compromise is a choice to descend.  Either-Or is the rule… no fence sitting in Reality.


Brother James


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