The Insanity of O that the nation is not aware of…

In the early 1900s, the field of Psychology opened itself to allowing B.F. Skinner, and a group of Behavioral Scientists [who watched animals, and then speculated about what, in the animal’s environment might be causing the animal to act in certain ways.  What these people were doing was exercising the intellect in accordance with the “Malady of Intellectualism” [if interested, research this Malady Here].  I refer to what these science-type people were doing as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”].  The goal of these BS&bp people was to insist that the field of Psychology accept their purely physical study of animals as a part of “psychology”.  I cannot say why this was done, but it was done.  And it was a big mistake.

The ancient Greeks intended Psychology to be a study of the Esoteric [invisible] dimensions of Man, which is why the ancient Greeks used the prefix “psyche” for Psychology.  That is, the prefix psyche is defined as Self, Soul, and Mind:  All three of which are labels for the Esoteric or invisible dimensions of Man.

At least half of the population… [and today the percentage may be much higher] are people whose  Souls have not (as yet) become very Enlightened.  I refer to such people as Intelack class personalities, or people whose MINDs exercise substantial influence over their thoughts, actions and beliefs.  What this means [in terms of this blog] is that these people are… in varying degrees… limited in how much Intuition [or empathetic understanding they possess].  In order to possess  a high level of Intuition, or the ability to subtly sense the emotions of another, a person must have a Soul that has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [pronounced C_etcetera], and C’etc is my symbol for what the ancient Greeks called Consciousness [or the Virtues of Life].

This means, in short, that there are two types of people on Earth.  One type is an Intelack  [or someone lacking C’etc, but this person may have a very high level Intellectualism, almost like compensation for that person’s lack of C’etc].  The other type of person is the Enlightened type personality, and this person has a Soul that is capable of resisting the thoughts of the MIND. And with this ability, this Enlightened person has a ready access to Conscience [which I list as one of the Virtues of Life], and Conscience allows one to resist the [most generally negative] desires of the MIND.  These desires of the MIND are Greed, Envy, and an insatiable need to Control everyone and everything in ones environment.  Needless to say most Liberals, Democrats, Socialist and Communists are Intelack type personalities.

B.F. Skiner was an Intelack, as were those scientists who were supporting Skinner’s attempts to make the field of Psychology allow them to call their purely intellectual study of Man [which means a denial and avoidance of the Esoteric three-quarters of Man]  a part of “psychology”.

Those in Psychology at the time were [and here I am assuming] apparently not knowledgeable enough about the MIND and how it works to realize that these behavioral scientists had no idea what Psychology was intended to be; Nor were these behavioral scientists interested in the Esoteric dimensions of Man; Nor did they have any intention of finding out what the MIND is, or how it works?

It was not long before the Intellectualism of these scientists began to bully those in Psychology, partly by insisting that the legitimate Psychologists PROVE the existence of the MIND as separate from the brain.  None of us can prove something that is not physical, and the deviously clever intellect of Skinner pushed those in Psychology at the time into a corner.  they had no option but to allow him and his fellow behavioral scientists to call themselves “psychologists”.

Over the last century, virtually all of the terms, concepts, and data relative to the Esoteric dimensions of Man have been systematically eliminated, as the behavioral scientists insisted that Man can best be studied as a one-dimensional object using the brain and thinking alone.

This means that the MIND of Man, which is at the heart of every mental conflict a person has, was all but forgotten.  Today, not one in a thousand “licensed” MENTAL health professionals can tell you what the MIND is, where it is located, or how it operates?  In other words, three-quarters of the whole of Man has been lost over the last century.

So, today, when President Obama begs Iran for an agreement, and he is willing to accept anything the Iranians want as long as he can obtain this agreement… we wonder what is going on?  And what is going on is he said [in the beginning of his occupying the oval office] that he could obtain an agreement with Iran.  Unfortunately, we the people are not told that Obama is a Sociopath, and to his MIND, when he says he can do something, that something becomes an Absolute obligation to his MIND, or it would fail him in  being unable to acquire the agreement, and this would mean that he would be seen by the entire world as being WRONG.

And Obama is unable to make any decision because he might be wrong…and he must never be seen as wrong [and the REASON is psychological, and very involved]. This is the reason he depends upon those drawn to him [and whose MINDs will do almost anything to help him avoid being wrong].  So, he is never RESPONSIBLE for anything.  And in a Commander in Chief, this psychological problem is PROVING to be a catastrophe.  And he has no awareness of his insanity, nor do those who are indebted to him for their employment [his Czars].  Nor does modern mental health… and this is a very serious problem.

Unfortunately, for the nation,  the Chiefs of Staff in the military are taught to obey the Commander… but, when the Commander refuses to make a decision, what does the military do? I mean what can they do short of a coup?  Those generals in the military who are Intelack [less than Enlightened] are being used to replace hundreds of Enlightened and responsible generals, as Obama creates a military that serves him, not America.

Now, if Obama was aware of his problem, he might be reasoned with. But the fact is, he has no awareness of his problem at all. And thanks to BS&bp, much of the nation has no idea that Obama is insane.  And by “insane” I mean unable to perceive the Reality of the threat facing the nation, and also completely unaware that he has a serious psychological problem.  And, those who work for him [no doubt reluctant to threaten their own welfare] are in denial of how serious the situation is. And yes, I am using the term insane because it applies to the situation facing the nation.

The border is wide open, and ISIS is free to pay the drug traffickers to help them bring in whatever they want to bring in.  Our military in the Middle East are being asked to not shoot, not engage the enemy, and our planes are hitting old targets  in fewer and fewer numbers.  If this is not Treason, what is?  But then, I do not have to list the symptoms, do I?

I write this blog to try and awaken the nation just a bit to the Reality America is facing right now. I apologize for using just a  sketch of the Psychology of Obama… but to go into depth regarding the origin and nature of the psychological problems of Obama would take a fairly large book.


Brother James

James W. Patterson, Ph.D.


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