Regarding Karma in the End Times… portion of Book

Although Satan would and does seek to replace God, all Satan has to work with is his MIND, and unknown to Satan is the fact that God anticipated the evil of Satan, and placed Within the Higher MIND of Satan an inability to KNOW the Spirituality of his Soul… Unless God Himself opens Satan to such Knowledge. And this principle applies to all Souls to varying degrees. The Higher MIND is a very powerful force, but it is always subservient to that of the Soul that is Enlightened.
So, although Satan can raise all kinds of hell, Satan cannot overstep his own limitations. Satan may have his way with this Earth plane, and our physical bodies [but strictly within the bounds of a person’s Karma]. And Satan may not touch ones Soul, unless invited to do so by ones own Soul. And those Souls that choose to accept Satan [via negative thoughts] are referred to in the Bible as ‘sons of Satan’. And such Souls will be collected and tossed into the Lake of Fire along with Satan being locked in the ‘pit’,  at the time of Armageddon [about 7 years from now is the best estimate (the  date today is June 4th, 2015)].
And this is a crucial message all Souls need to hear, and respect… if they hope to “hear” the Voice of God from Within themselves… and be resurrected?
In other words… the destructive, negative, harmful, and personally painful circumstances and events that are in store for we Souls over the next 7 years will occur in strict accordance to the Karmic “due bills” or each individual Soul. The catastrophic events are “managed” and “intentional” in other words. And the intensity and timing of these events are cumulative as well as only as severe as that which befits the Karmic obligation of each individual Soul. And it is this ‘measurement’ that is the mystic marvel of the Law of Karma. We cannot imagine how it might be that a Soul only experiences what is due that particular Soul, and no more. How such precise and explicit Karmic manipulation is possible is beyond our imagination. But, of course it is… we are merely players on this stage of Creation, not its Creator.
__________ End of Chapter 3


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