Nostradamus and his message of the end time…

I just watched a History Channel presentation on the lost book of Nostradamus, and in the end, the commentator gave us the ultimatum laid out for mankind by Nostradamus.  Which was  either – or in nature, and collective in content.  That is, all or nothing.

“Mankind can either be wiped out, or mankind can save itself, depending upon what mankind does”?  This was the interpretation of those who presented the program.

But I have a different interpretation of what Nostradamus was saying in the book.  And I believe my interpretation is much nearer the Reality of Life existing behind what Nostradamus prophesied  The way the brain thinks is quite linear,  straight-line, or sequential progression.  And thus, no matter how psychic a person is, or how intelligent a person is, if that person depends upon his brain, his thinking will be linear in its expression.

Or put another way, the brain, and writing based on the brain,  is not ordinarily such that it can accommodate  nor  convey phenomena… or multiple things… taking place at the same time.  So, what people think [quite unaware how the brain is stringing out events into a sequential and linear presentation], is that first this happens, then that happens, and then this other thing happens… When a truthful presentation would be that all things are taking place simultaneously, overlapping one another, and some of more importance than others.  But this Reality is not something the brain can entertain, conceive, nor juggle,  so… those who teach history, who are quite intelligent [but not particularly Enlightened], unwittingly present a linear progression, which makes history “fit” the limitation of the brain and its thinking.

What I believed Nostradamus meant to convey is that during a period of many years, mankind will be tested by catastrophic events, and also a dramatic increase in the kind, type, and nature of temptations for the MIND of Man, and that a combination of events and opportunities will cause some people to forget God, while becoming very attached  to the things of the Earth;  on the other hand, a number of people [more Enlightened people] will look at and be aware of the marvelous things of the Earth… But these Enlightened people will not be overwhelmed by the things of the Earth, not will they  let loose of their strong attachment to God.

And in this Nostradamus parallels the Bible, and both suggest that [at least to one who uses his Intuition to view the illusion of life], that in the ‘end times’ there will be a judgement of mankind, and only those Souls that have chosen God above the temptations of the Earth will be found worthy of being resurrected [or their Souls pulled into a higher dimension, to enjoy the pleasures of Heaven (during the 1,000 year reign of Christ) until] the Earth [which was indeed made inhabitable by atomic radiation], had time to heal, and become ready for the resurrected Souls to begin the process of Reincarnation again, and the cycle of birth and death once again as they slowly increase their level of Enlightenment, and their fulfillment of the Purpose of Life… which is to achieve Perfection.  And this last incorporates the many religions on Earth, save that of Islam.


Brother James


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