All of us can read about crime and chaos taking place in many of the principle cities of the nation. We can also listen to the news about these cities on radio and TV.  But in doing so, we are paying attention to SYMPTOMS, and the brain likes symptoms because symptoms are linear, seemingly separate things, and when seen as an element in and of itself… we are not overwhelmed and thus, we do not experience a high level of personal anxiety and fear.

Alas folks… where there are symptoms of evil… there is also a CAUSE behind those symptoms. And it is the CAUSE of evil that we must address… if we hope to reduce the symptoms of evil we can list in a linear line of events.

Do you know anyone who has a box of hatred locked in a box, which he or she can open to show us when we want to see hate?  How about evil ?  Who do you know who has evil locked in some box, which we can observe when we want to do so?  Hate, bitterness, meanness, disrespect, prejudice, envy, greed, fear, and a host of other negative “things” all SPRING from evil.  But…evil itself is invisible, a spirit, and a force of energy that operates through ones MIND [which is itself invisible].

So, if we want to curb the symptoms of evil we can see taking place all around ourselves… how do we capture  the evil that is CAUSING all these symptoms?

Well, I’m waiting… how do we capture the invisible energy of evil?

Am I being foolish, silly, stupid, or just insane?  Not insane, and not silly, but I am being very focused and very serious just at this moment.  Evil operates through a person’s MIND, and it operates in a MIND that is not protected by a Soul that is actively under the protection of God.

And… what do I mean by this?   It its most basic construct, let us accept that if a person’s Soul is actively engaged in the belief, adoration of, appreciation of, and paying homage to God… ones energy of Self is not available for use by ones MIND, and thus, not available to the spirit of Evil.

That is, each of us only has one faculty of Attention.  And upon which element of oneself ones Attention is focused, is what is active Within oneself.  Or put another way, in order for ones MIND to act out Evil… ones Attention must be fixed in ones MIND… otherwise Evil does not have ones MIND available for use.  So, the absolutely essential first step in curbing Evil is to deny Evil access to the MIND.

And do not make fun of what I just wrote.  What I wrote is true, and it does work.  However, for those who make a habit of using their MINDs to entertain Evil… to try and resist Evil and deny Evil access to ones MIND is VERY, VERY DIFFICULT TO DO.

Ask anyone who is or has been addicted to drugs how difficult or easy it is to quit using drugs?  Or ask a person who smokes how easy or difficult it is to quit smoking?

The spirit of Evil uses the force of habit to demand that one allow oneself to be used by Evil. And ones MIND, once it engages in Evil, it wants to engage in Evil more and more… because ones MIND feeds ones brain Delusional Thinking that causes one to feel powerful, strong, capable, almost invincible…  This is the insidious nature of Evil.  An invisible tease with all the power of Satan.

When one lowers the shield of Spiritual Energy that keeps ones MIND at arms length, and tries just a little Evil… the emotional “high” one feels is quickly addictive.  So… is the nation ready to deal with the habit of Evil  COLD TRUKEY?  #USAGoesColdTurkey

I am not kidding with this blog, I am quite serious.  Is the nation ‘ready’ to open itself to God, and turn its back on Satan, and Evil?  This is a profound question each citizen must ask him or herself, because for us to do this… it will be a test of Truth… and it will take all the strength left to us as a nation.

I’m in, and I hope everyone will find it in his or her heart to say NO to Evil.


Bother James


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