A short passage from my new book:

Although Satan would and does seek to replace God, all Satan has to work with is his MIND, and unknown to Satan is the fact that God anticipated the evil of Satan, and placed Within the Higher MIND of Satan an inability to KNOW the Spirituality of his Soul… Unless God Himself opens Satan to such Knowledge.
So, although Satan can raise all kinds of hell, Satan cannot overstep his own limitations. Satan may have his way with this Earth plane, and our physical bodies… But Satan may not touch ones Soul, unless invited to do so by ones own Soul. And those Souls that choose to accept Satan are referred to in the Bible as ‘sons of Satan’. And such Souls will be collected and tossed into the Lake of Fire along with Satan at the time of Armageddon [about 7 years from now, is the best estimate].
And this is a crucial message all Souls need to hear, and respect… if they can “hear” the Voice of God from Within themselves?


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