A Unique View of Truth




is the Chinese symbol for ‘center’ or ‘centered’
And               Unknown-3             is the symbol for God.

Notice that part of the symbol for God is very similar to the symbol for centered. The box has an additional horizontal line in the middle of the box, which forms a cross. And the cross is a traditional symbol for Christ, or the resurrection of Christ. It should also be noted that in the Bible, Christ refers to himself as the son of God, and refers to God as the Lord, his Father.
So, what I am saying is that TRUTH is an absolute [and thus, permanent and unchanging]… and this is quite strange because on the Earth, which is known for continually changing, it is thought that nothing is permanent [except for the unknown… or unknowable]. Which philosophers tell us cannot be known. Question is this:  Can the unknown be known?

The answer is assumed by certain people to be no… and yet… there are people [I refer to such people as Enlightened], who do have access to bits of Truth via a natural faculty of Man I refer to as Intuition. And Intuition, not unlike Truth in some respects, is rarely discussed. Why? Because to the typical intellectual… the concept of Intuition is frightening [unknowingly so] but nonetheless and non-consciously frightening. [Something we do not ask today is the REASON so many intellectuals have no interest in, and ignore or discount Spirituality]? The reason [again unknown to certain people] is a non-recognized fear of the “unknown” nature of Spirituality.  And in this case, that “unknown” is associated with what is deeply repressed within the MIND of these certain intellectuals. Specifically those people who “think” that the brain is the only way to “know” anything of value. Example: B.F. Skinner, whose Delusional Thinking …gave America the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.
This quote from the book: B.F. Skinner: The Man and his ideas, by Richard I Evans tells those of us capable of “seeing” fear hidden within rhetoric, how much Skinner feared his own MIND.
“…A chld is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior.”
In this quote Skinner displayed his disdain for [and ignorance of] Psychology. But he knew nothing of the fear that drove his Delusional Thinking, and thus, although quite bright and admired by others who are equally confined to Intellectualism, Skinner was subtly insane [lacking in Consciousness].

You see… the ONLY way to tap into that which is repressed Within ones MIND, is to let go of the illusion of Control that is maintained by retaining ones attention fixed in the {Left-Hemisphere} of ones brain, and in thinking “about” things physical, tangible and “safe”. For some people, this is the means by which they avoid the three-quarters of Man that are not physical/ not obvious/ and not discernible by the brain. In other words… some people avoid the unknown [Spirituality, Intuition, Truth or MIND], by resisting anything that might expose them to what they [unknowingly fear].  And they do this by “thinking”.
Alas… it is impossible to discover the TRUTH by thinking.  Sorry philosophers, I do not make the rules, I merely live by those rules I have discovered.

Intuition is not capable of being “controlled” by, operated by, nor even discovered by the brain. The brain is physical, and Intuition is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension. And this places Intuition in the category of the “unknown,” which means… for the Intelack type person, Intuition is the hallway that leads to Truth, and this hallway is [non-consciously] frightening to the type of person I refer to as the Intelack class personality.

In addition, let us agree [among ourselves] that there are some people who actually “hate” anything that symbolizes Spirituality. Now, to these people [since they are in denial of Truth, unknown to themselves of course], their hostility to the symbols of Spirituality automatically blocks them from being open to Truth [which IS AN ASPECT OF ONES SPIRITUAL DIMENSION]. If one who is controlled by his/her MIND knew of this control, then he/she would have a choice to make. That is, If one was aware?

Unfortunately, when one is unaware that one lacks certain Virtues of Life [such as Conscience, Knowledge, Empathy, and so forth…], one has no idea that one is subject to being caused by his or her MIND to think  [believe and speak Delusional Thinking, or D-Think], which are thoughts fed to the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain by ones MIND. Nor are such people aware that D-Think is almost always false in that its purpose is to “protect” one from being exposed to the Truth.  And yes, this is strange, and not widely reported.

Does this mean the Intelack type personality is unaware that he or she will tend to lie, cheat, and engage in corruption, or other evil actions? Yes, this is the unfortunate case, and it is to the misfortune of America that so few people are aware that this is the natural, automatic, and inevitable nature of the Intelack type personality. If one were to evaluate all leaders in Government, one would be amazed that each official, or person in Congress who is discovered to be a liar, a cheat, corrupt, or simply living off the taxes of the nation… while enlarging his/her personal wealth… will be an Intelack type personality, for whom ‘truth’ is simply an expedient fraud.  Truth is not an experience the Intelack type personality can experience since it is an unknown to such a person, and beyond his or her capacity to comprehend or understand.

The telltale of the Intelack is invisible to ones eyes, but not to ones Intuition, nor to the ears of one… if one is the least bit Enlightened ?  When you hear someone say: “The wealthy need to pay more”. Or, “Life is unfair”. Or, we need more money to improve…. anything and everything. Or, if a politician says that more government is the answer to everything that’s wrong… Or, the politician says: “We, or you need to compromise,” you have just heard an Intelack. If you know of a person seeking to remove all symbols of Spirituality from the eyes of the public, then you KNOW you are observing an Intelack type personality… and such people should be identified so that everyone can know them.

Truth is an abstract term that points to elements of Reality that are permanent, Absolute, and they never change. And the ONLY way to experience Truth is via ones faculty of Intuition as a large Ah-ha, that one suddenly awakens to… that begins to disappear just as soon as one begins to “think” about it. So, begin practicing resisting thinking with ones brain as much as one can… in anticipation of opening ones faculty of Intuition. Do this by closing your eyes, and looking at the darkness… and resisting the thoughts your MIND will immediately push into the darkness to prevent you from experiencing your Intuition, or that which your MIND fears. The nearer you can come to remaining “at Peace” with the darkness… [the quietness Within], the sooner you will begin to Intuit bits of Truth and make them yours. First we must discover the secret of silence, then the silence rewards us with bits of Truth that enhance our ability to resist evil. This is the slow and gradual process of becoming Enlightened.
Each of us owes it to him or herself to begin to be open to the Spirituality that resides Within ourselves. It comes to us via our Intuition as subtle bits of Truth. So, when you Intuit some bit of Truth, do not discount it, or ignore it… but focus on it intensely, and try to keep your attention fixed on it as long as you can.

“Truth cannot be taught, it must be caught.” Brother James


Homosexuality… A Rare Look at the Psychology of this Illness

The reason so many people fail to comprehend what I am about to share with the public is that modern mental health, perhaps unknown to many people… including those trained in what is called “Behavioral Psychology,” is the very important fact that Man has a MIND, as well as a brain; And the additional fact that the MIND actually directs the “thinking” of the brain in certain people.

Now, although many people seem to naturally comprehend the fact that Man has a MIND as well as a brain, there are some people for whom this fact is not “naturally understood”. What we call “modern mental health,” [or BS&bp — Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], has operated for the last century based on a belief put forth by B.F. Skinner, in the early 1900s, that denies the MIND of Man, and sets forth the Delusional Idea that the MIND does not exist.
And there is a reason some people are “naturally” unable to conceive of a MIND. And this “reason” is Psychological, or not part of the conscious awareness of certain people. And it is this little known inability of some people to perceive the existence of the MIND [and more importantly, its operations], that I need to discuss as part of this unusual explanation of the illness of Homosexuality.
Let us begin with a quote from Skinner that nicely illustrates his Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, regarding the MIND of Man. This quote is from the book: B.F. Skinner: The Man and his Ideas. New York: E.P. Dutton & Co, 1968: And written by Richard I. Evans.
________________ “A child is influenced and changed as a biological entity by things that happen to him, but the notion that somehow or other the child of our past is still contained within us is a form of animism which serves no useful purpose in explaining present behavior”.
This is the “reason,” by the way, BS&bp has been unable to determine what causes Homosexuality. When BS&bp ignores, and largely denies the MIND, it is therefore left with a search for the “cause” of this illness somewhere other than WITHIN the Homosexual him/herself, the operations of the person’s MIND are ignored entirely.
When Skinner said: “…the child of our past is still contained within us…” he was referring to the MIND, and unintentionally, he conveyed to those of us who do not fear our MINDs, the clear fact that he did fear his own MIND, and what his MIND held hidden Within itself. It was his own fear of his own MIND that caused him to project his fear in his rhetoric, which his MIND intended to disguise his fear in intellectual [brain-level] dialogue. Now, it no doubt helps that I have listened for over 30 years to countless people using MIND-generated rhetoric to try and hide the emotional conflicts of their MINDs with brain-level dialogue; but these were my clients, seen as a psychotherapist over all these years. Unfortunately, Skinner did not present himself to a competent therapist for help with his own MIND. He found it easier to manipulate the field of Psychology into accepting his Intellectualism [or study of animals absent any thought of the MIND] as an adjunct class of Psychology. Alas, a great many found his Intellectualism [or denial of three-fourths of Man] quite attractive, especially since it meant they no longer had to deal with the repressed traumata Within their own MINDs. And this is the state of “psychology” today, a field that is dominated by “Intelack” type people who are very intellectual, but lack “common sense”.
Hopefully the reader can appreciate the Psychological investment BS&bp trained individuals might have in “not seeing” the conflicted MIND of the Homosexual, and instead keep searching for some physical explanation for the illness /// which has now morphed into a demand by Homosexuals that the nation accept this illness as “natural”. Including the latest achievement of this illness, extracting from the Supreme Court the asinine idea that marriage of psychologically conflicted people is a good idea.
The Illness of Homosexuality… from the inside out. A Psychological exposition.
_______________ The formation of the personality of a person is formed by the MIND of that person at the time of birth, along with the Psychology of that person. This premise is a fact, and one appreciated by the ancient Greeks who gave the world Psychology some 2,000 + years ago. The prefix ‘psyche’ is Greek, and is defined as “Self, Soul and Mind”. And these terms all refer to the Esoteric, or invisible operations of Man. The Greeks were wise enough to realize that a person’s behaviors are “symptoms” of what is going on Within a person’s MIND. Behavior watching is only of value if the person observing behavior KNOWS what the MIND is, and can therefore ’empathetically’ “see” in the behavior the attempts by the MIND to mask and confuse by such behavior.
To make behavior the idol of a profession is perhaps blasphemous… if not irresponsible.
I will not give the reader a “complete” diagnosis of Psychology, since precious few in America are prepared to embrace multiple vibrational dimensions as both existing and operating simultaneously. Let me simply say that the whole of Man is a most fascinating field of study. But it is not meant for everyone. Just like the gifted concert pianist is not duplicated by everyone who would like to be a gifted pianist. The study of Psychology was meant for those who cannot help themselves. And for whom a great many lifetimes were spent in preparation. But this quickly moves beyond the belief systems of most Americans, does it not?
The MIND of the child, at the time of birth, reaches out [empathetically] to the MIND of the mother [and the father if present], and this is to gather the vibrational energies of the various emotions active Within the MIND of one or both parents. It is from what the MIND of the child picks up from one or both parents in this process that both the personality and Psychology of the child is formed. This process is the means by which the MIND of the child gathers a great deal of data that ties the child to the parents, and to the culture in which the child is born.
If the sexual identity of either parent is, in any way [unclear or fearful], then this is passed on to the MIND of the child. And thus far, this is human formation 101, and each of us experienced this process as part of our birth process. It is a combination of what is gleaned from the MINDs of ones parent… [or parents] PLUS, what oneself has designed for this lifetime that determines both the personality and the psychology of the human being. And it is my adding the fact that we Souls have a part in the design or our lives that may be upsetting to many people in the West?
The extent of our collective ignorance regarding the invisible three-fourths of the whole of Life is both astounding, and almost shameful. Since such information is readily available to us, but to maintain the structure of Christianity… largely the “interpretation” thereof, many have chosen to opt for the rhetoric of Intellectualism and ignore the natural questions Enlightened people have regarding the mystery of Life? I have come to the conclusion that Intellectualism is a form of compensation for a class of people I refer to as Intelack type personalities, given to them by nature to provide them with a sense of being elite and special, because they “lack” a sufficient access to the Spirituality Within themselves, which, if accessed, would provide them with Knowledge their Souls are not [as yet] ready to handle. Skinner was an Intelack. Those in modern mental health, or BS&bp, who “think” that studying the behavior of Man is all the ancient Greeks intended Psychology to be… are Intelack type personalities.
And all Intelack type people share in common an intense fear of the “unknown”. What is the unknown? The three-quarters of Man, and of Life, that the brain and physical senses cannot perceive is the unknown of Life. And… what makes the Homosexual a Homosexual is “unknown” to the Intelack type personality. So, both the Intelack in the field of “psychology” [in order to avoid having to expose the fact he/she fears the unknown], and the Homosexual have MINDs that convince them that Homosexuality must be “natural”.
And I have not as yet explained that the Intelack type personality just happens to lack access to the faculty of Intuition [an operational aspect of ones Spiritual dimension] which is the only way in which Enlightened human beings accesses the Spirituality hidden Within themselves. Problem is… neither the Enlightened individual nor the Intelack type personality today realize that this huge difference between them exists. Each is frustrated that the other refuses to yield to what the Intelack “thinks” and the Enlightened individual “KNOWS”.
It is only in politics where the Intelack finds huge success, because the Intelack can lie, cheat, steal, and enjoys the game of corruption, and by using these various forms of evil, they can intimate the Enlightened individuals into COMPROMISE. To compromise with evil… is to enable evil. And alas, this is a lesson many otherwise Enlightened people in politics will have to “learn” by spending some time in Hell at the end of this lifetime. And, once again, if you do not believe in Hell, that is perfectly OK.
So, there you have the “game” being played with all our lives relative to the illness of Homosexuality. As long as the fields of “psychology” and mental health are content with pretending that Man is a one-dimensional thing, with no MIND, no Spiritual dimension, and devoid of responsibility, and the Homosexual can use the threat of the term “homophobe” to intimidate people who have access to “common sense,” the nation will be dominated by the illness of Homosexuality, and its enablers in the community of the Intelack.
What is “natural” in the process of Homosexuality infecting young people is the ‘natural’ adolescent confusion regarding the hormonal changes within them. This creates a fear of self, and a confusion about oneself in adolescents that the Delusional Homosexual is naturally drawn to… and makes use of in the process of mentally infecting the vulnerable adolescent with MIND-driven rhetoric that is often referred to as “grooming”. What the vulnerable adolescent needs at this time is for parents to be sensitive to the needs for intimacy [not sexual, but emotional intimacy], but many, perhaps most adults are afraid of emotional intimacy, especially with children. And this denial of natural “emotional” intimacy leaves the adolescent searching for someone to ACCEPT the confusion of the child. This then presents the Homosexual [who is constantly needing to reaffirm his or her false identity as a Homosexual] a splendid opportunity to take advantage of the need of the adolescent.
If the reader doubts what I am saying here.. the reader needs to take an opportunity to visit Seattle, Washington some evening, and watch the adult Homosexuals driving around and around certain streets where the huge population of homeless youth hang out. And the homeless youth, in need of money, sell themselves to the adult Homosexuals. And the city, a bastion of Liberalism and Progressivism, turns a blind eye to this wholesale abuse of young people. Evil breeds in places where light is absent, and light is absent in all communities where Intelack people are in positions of authority.
If my writing conveys my resentment at this practice, that is OK with me. I detest this practice, even though I realize in the larger sense of Life it is something that is taking place. And I am not an Intelack, nor a Liberal, nor a progressive, so to me abuse is abuse. I am just a simple person in many respects, and I believe the Bible when it says that Homosexuality is wrong. I believe this because I have worked with young people who were used by adult Homosexuals. And it is not possible for me to compromise with Truth, in so far as I know the Truth?
I could go on, but I’m sure the reader gets the picture. Next time someone tries to tell you that the illness of Homosexuality is a “natural” thing… ask that person what the MIND is. If that person cannot tell you what the MIND is, that person is lying… period. I don’t care who that person is, or what position that person holds… that person is a liar.
Brother James

The Other View of What’s Happening to Mankind…

In reading this morning, I came across some information  I had not read for a very long time. As I read, it occurred to me that what I was reading is quite pertinent to what is taking place in the world today.  It is something a great many people might find both interesting and important.

Excerpts from The Path of the Masters, by Julian Johnson; pp 427-429

It has been the tragedy of history that from age to age spirituality gradually declines. Man is thus moving toward the animal plane of life….No evil can be experienced until the spirituality of the world begins to wane in a declining age, after the lapse of millions of years. Then the world again becomes old and depleted of its spirituality. As a result, all manner of evils beset it, affecting both the individual and the race, even the world itself.

This decline can never be prevented; for the cycle of the ages, the coming and the going of the yugas [great periods of time], is as certain as the revolutions of the planets in their orbits.  It is just as inevitable as the old age of individuals. This decline runs on through all the successive ages, yuga after yuga, until the whole race, together with all other life upon the planet, reaches its lowest ebb of retrogression… All this degeneration is brought about through the destructive actions of the five passions (1), which never cease their inroads upon the individual and the whole world in general.

(1) The five passions are Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, and ahankar [names in Hindi], or in English they are: Lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.  And Dr. Johnson adds that these are the five destructive modes of action when these “faculties of the mind become deranged, abnormal or perverted.”

Dr. Johnson says: “That is to say, those very faculties which were designed by the Creator for man’s use, may become so perverted by misuse that they become destructive instead of constructive, bad instead of good”.So long as spirit controls the mind, the four faculties perform their proper function and these passions cannot manifest themselves.

The point I continuously make is that there are people [Intelack people], whose Souls possess a low-level of Spirituality, simply because these Souls are relatively new to the form of human being.  But this concept  is based on elements of Life that are a bit Esoteric.

The essential point Dr. Johnson is making  is that as Spirituality is diminished [in either the individual, or the culture] the natural desires of the MIND [lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity] get out of control.  And this point is occasionally mentioned in Christianity,  but rarely is it stressed as an absolute correlation between ones Soul, and the MIND that is attached to every Soul.  I suspect it is not made a central part of every religious service because people would get tired of hearing about it.  I mean, this Earth is strictly for we Souls to enjoy ourselves, take every advantage we can, eat, drink, and have sex, right?  And with the Intelack Soul insisting that we must not harm the psyche of the child by insisting that the child conform to moral standards… what encouragement does this give to the negative faculties of the MIND of the child?

Materialism covers the world in a dark mantle, for superstition always follows upon gross materialism. First the mind becomes fiercely self-assertive, then dogmatically materialistic; and lastly, when learning dies out, it is followed by all forms of superstition. [Like the dark ages, one might wonder?]. …At the very moment when men are driven to the wall, compelled to fight for their very existence, that very struggle begins to lead toward their salvation.

The Darwinian thinks he has discovered an up-climbing animal. But, in fact, he has found a degenerate man.  Instead of pitying him as a poor fallen specimen of a nobler race, he things of man as a freak come up out of the darkness by fortuitous selection… 

Dr. Johnson is saying that the Intelack class scientist [as is true for those who believe that the Earth has been visited in the past by ‘extraterrestrial alien species’], when they view the debris of the Earth [being unaware of the larger picture of the ages of Man], they believe it was impossible for primitive man to have designed and built the otherwise inexplicable ruins we find on Earth.  The Intelack is unaware of Eastern Mysticism, or the teachings of the Masters, and they are therefore unaware that they are unaware of the great heights man achieved in the Golden Age, and they believe that their ‘evidence’ of  primitive Man was the BEGINNING of Man.  It never occurs to the Intelack that the ‘evidence’ they find is evidence of a fallen Man, or the decline of Man.  In this Iron Age of Man, with its darkness, evil, and degenerate MIND so prevalent in mankind… the notion there might have been a great Golden Age of Man, having existed  some millions of years ago, just doesn’t occur to most people.

Hard for us to imagine that the level of technology being developed today is simply a re-discovery of our own prior level of existence, isn’t it?  Man absent Spirituality only has one direction he can achieve. Degeneration and near extinction.  Something to think about.


Brother James

The Value of MORALITY…


The Chinese symbol for Center/centered.

The question is… what does the term MORALITY mean?

From Google, the term Morality gets us this: (from the Latin moralitas “manner, character, proper behavior”) is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are good or right and those that are bad or wrong.
______________ But like most dictionary offerings, this focuses us on the symptoms that we label as moral or not moral?

My question asks for more than simply a listing of symptom behaviors. My question is concerned with what enables a person to live a life of MORALITY?

In other words, what is it in, about, or Within Man that allows, enables, or encourages a person to engage in behavioral actions and responses that others describe as symptoms of MORALITY?

Can we agree that there are people whose lives are conducted in ways that would cause a normal human being to say that these people exhibit a moral character? If this is so for some people, why not for other people as well?

In my humble opinion, and after studying this question for over 40 years, I have come to the conclusion that it is the level of C’etc, pronounced “C_etcetera,” [research Here ], that the Soul of a person has acquired [over substantial time] that determines the level of Morality a person exhibits in behavior, speech and demeanor.

And it is important that I add this: This accumulation of C’etc by ons’s Soul has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, age, education, IQ, or any other physical or intellectual attribute.

Put quite simply, I believe the MORALITY of a person is a term we apply to a person as a measure of the Spiritual Evolution of that person’s Soul, which enables that person to rise above the otherwise natural [and often negative] desires of that person’s MIND [research Here ] …if particularly curious?

_____________ What I have said thus far, pretty much suggests that I believe that Man has a Soul; that the Soul is capable of growing and maturing, or evolving; and implied in this is the idea that each Soul is unique in the way in which it is evolving. And if we can agree on this much, then we might also agree upon the concept that those Souls that have not evolved very much… just might be Souls within bodies that we observe as immoral, negative, evil, and harmful? I am, of course, speaking in a general sense, and of course in a “relative” sense. That is, relatively speaking… people who engage in negativity would be those Souls that have not [as yet] acquired much C’etc.

And I would suggest that what I have said provides an indication as to what differentiates we human beings in terms of the level of MORALITY we each exhibit?

However… the last sentence, applied to the concept of MORALITY, rests entirely upon two factors that many in the West, and in America, stoutly resist, deny, or at least ignore. That is, the twin concepts known as: The Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation. The idea of Karma is not entirely fearful to the West, but the idea of Reincarnation is quite disturbing to many people. Strangely, the more involved in Christianity one is, that is… attached to the rhetoric that Man is given but one life in which to explore and experience the entire Creation, the more one denies the two foundation stones of Life.

I was 38 years of age when I awakened to the genius of God, and how He resolved the problem of how to insure the upmost “free will” for we Souls, and at the same time insure Absolute fairness and equality for all Souls in Creation? His answer was the Law of Karma and that of Reincarnation.

The Law of Karma is truly simple in explanation, but amazingly complex in its operations. The simple explanation of Karma is this: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. And this applies to everyone equally, and there are no exceptions. But what about the murderer who “gets away with his/her crime”?

The answer is this: No one gets away with any action he/she takes, ever. The murderer will, at the time of death, be judged and will be sent to a Hell specifically designed to eliminate the idea of murder from that person’s MIND forever. When this lesson is “learned” [deeply etched Within the MIND of that person], he or she will be reincarnated… and at some point in that person’s next lifetime, he or she will be murdered in exactly the same way as he/she murdered another.  The Law of Karma is not a game, it is a very serious Law.

In this way, every Soul “learns” by doing a Karmic action… and then receiving the exact same action taken against oneself… in some lifetime. And the Karmic action that one receives always comes as a complete surprise. So, rarely is it accepted as “due one”.

Now… not every Soul is a quick learner… apparently? But the Law of Karma is an Absolute Law, and so, it has all the patience required to repeat Karmic “lessons” as long as a MIND wants to repeat certain actions. I just learned myself, in 2014, that there are some Souls on Earth that are what the Bible refers to as “sons of Satan”. One such reference is this:

Matthew 13:38 ESV The field is the world, and the good seed is the sons of the kingdom. The weeds are the sons of the evil one,

So, one’s MORALITY not only matters, it indicates the condition of ones Soul!


Bother James

What does this mean: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” [John 3.5]

In reading my favorite book this morning, I came across this, and thought I would like to share it.

___________From Dr. Julian Johnson, The Path of the Masters :

And this is one of the greatest sayings ever uttered by Jesus or by anyone else.  In order to see the inner Kingdoms of light, a man must be born or brought to light by that Stream whence all power flows. That Stream is inside of man himself, as the kingdom of life is within man. For this very definite reason Jesus says, as do all Masters, that this kingdom of heaven is within man.   One has to go inside to get at it.  That kingdom may be entered and explored only by the light and the power of the divine Bani [Audible Life Stream], which is also within man.  Yet all the world is busy seeking it outside of man.  Even the very nature of that kingdom is a dark mystery to most people.  They have only the haziest notion of it. But that kingdom is no allegorical, imaginary or metaphorical kingdom. It is real, concrete.  It includes vast and numberless worlds of inconceivable splendor and beauty.  And all of this kingdom, or more correctly speaking, kingdoms, are consciously entered and enjoyed by the Master and his disciples.  To make the momentous discovery of those higher kingdoms, man must go inside, must enter a plane of higher consciousness and higher dimension. This means that he must withdraw his attention from the sense world and lift his consciousness to a finer world.  All of this he does with the aid of the Audible Life Stream and the Master. Hence its vital importance in the scheme of the Masters.

In every age of the world, time and time again, the Saints have repeated those significant words of Jesus:

Marvel not that I say unto thee, Ye must be born again.  [John 3.7]


When Jesus Christ knew he was to soon leave his disciples, he asked them to remain in a certain place… until His Father could send to them ” a helper”:

John 14:26 ESV  But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.


Does this verse suggest that the disciples of Christ were not quite ready to do what he had done? I believe it might.. but then, each Soul must perceive truth on its own.

I never tire of the sage words of Dr. Johnson.  Julian Johnson, a physician, pilot, scholar and searcher for the Truth,  was also a Preacher and student of the Bible.  He visited India, and spent many years there studying what is often referred to as “Eastern Mysticism”.  What Dr. Johnson found, much to his surprise… is that the essence of mysticism closely aligns itself with the Spiritual essence of the Bible.  Not all would agree, of course, but I have found, over the last 40+ years,  that his discovery was quite correct.

But then, each person must decide this for him/herself.


Brother James

Regarding Truth and Abstract Words….

This is from my new book, and it is discussing the difference between the illusion of life and the Reality of Life, and our use of abstract words to POINT TO the existence of Truth, that ONLY exists in the Spiritual [Reality of Life] dimension.

So, when someone who possesses Knowledge of something speaks about what he or she KNOWS of that thing… that person is either speaking of some aspect or level of truth [which is relative truth],  or that person is using “abstract words” to describe some bit of Truth he or she may KNOW [having awakened to that Truth from Within his or her Spiritual dimension…. but which he/she cannot convey in words.

Why can’t a person convey the Truth in words?

Because words recognized by the brain are created by the brain to “stand for” those things that consist of the Energy of Truth, or the energy of the two MIND dimensions. The words used by the brain  can only “stand for” the Esoteric or invisible parts of Man, and such words are called “abstract words”. That is, they are words that are created by the brain to “stand for,” or to point to those parts of Man that exist ONLY in the two dimensions of the MIND, or the Spiritual dimension. Abstract words such as Soul, God, Truth, Reality, MIND, Intelack, Enlightened, Spirit and other terms, concepts, and symbols are all conceived by the brain as a means of pointing to phenomena that only exists Within the Lower or Higher MIND dimensions, or the Spiritual dimension. Dimensions that are invisible to the brain, in other words.

Remember the whole of Man consists of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, and only one of these is physical, and thus capable of being perceived by ones brain.

Once again… Truth, Spirituality, and that which is permanent only exist within the Spiritual dimension… which is one-fourth of the whole of Man, but the Spiritual dimension of Man exists simultaneously with the other three dimensions of Man, although the physical dimension [which includes ones brain and thinking],  consists of a vibrational reality whose range ONLY includes what we call physical phenomena… and nothing that is physical can perceive or experience the vibrational energies of the MIND, or the Spiritual dimension.  Oil and water idea…

You see, only a person’s Soul can KNOW “the” Truth. And this “Knowing” is Wisdom, or Absolute Truth. This Absolute Truth is permanent, and it is never anything other than Truth. The person who has acquired some bit of Truth has done so by using his or her Intuition to experience this bit of Truth, and this activity occurs ONLY Within the Spiritual dimension, and ONLY ones faculty of Intuition has the unique ability to enter all four dimensions which comprise the whole of Man.

The Truth, in other words… must be experienced [Intuitively] by ones faculty of Intuition [which is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension] or it cannot be known at all.  It is not possible, in other words to “know” the Truth [Wisdom] by use of ones brain. Now, for the intellectual, or Intelack type person, this is a very hard concept to accept [pride, ego, fear, disbelief, are all working against the Intelack].  The fact is, there are bits of Truth that Enlightened people can share between themselves that cannot be Known by Intelack type people.  This is just the way of Life. This has nothing to do with intelligence, IQ, education, status, race, or anything other than ones level of Enlightenment.


Brother James