I have been observing the homeless problem rise, and the Vet suicide problem increasing, and I am no longer able to contain myself.  So, here is my suggestion for a solution.

I suggest 90 to 95% of the problems [symptoms] we are observing with Vets are directly the result of the MINDs of these men, and in some instances women as well.  The PROBLEM we observe is the DIRECT RESULT of modern mental health… and the fact it has no idea what the MIND is?

If you find this hard to believe… then please ask any licensed psychologist in your neighborhood what the MIND is?  Not one in a thousand can tell you, so… how can we expect people who have no idea what is CAUSING the problem to address or resolve the problem?

At one time the field of Psychology was dedicated to producing people who were [as a condition of licensing] required to engage in a thorough program of personal psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, which is about the only way in which a person [who is Enlightened] can experience his or her MIND.

In the early 1900s, B.F. Skinner & other Behavioral Scientists caused the field of Psychology to acknowledge their watching the behavior of animals as a part of “psychology,” and with that, the fields of Psychology and mental health began to embrace Intellectualism… or the delusional idea that there was nothing Within Man that could cause a person’s behavior.

Most people possess a subtle fear of what is hidden Within their MIND realms.  This fear  of deeply repressed traumata is perfectly natural, and common to each person.  However… when certain people are subjected to great stress [life threatening events] some of the repressed misperceptions Within these certain people are pushed beyond their limit of denial, and at some point [following their experience] the natural fear within their MINDs begins to want to “vent” some of the intense fear they experienced emotionally at the time of the event… This is what causes a non-conscious and fully repressed memory … or when denial and repression of the fear that was stimulated by the external event occurred.  And the intensity is unique to each person, but the symptom of repression are somewhat similar for all such people.

LET US MORE FORWARD TO NOW… and the only “venting” that these people “allow” themselves is a sort of [walking depression].   And, when this condition of denying much of oneself… can no longer be tolerated, or the demand of ones MIND to release this fearful energy becomes too powerful to continue to deny…  ones MINDs feed the Left-Hemisphere of ones brain the thought of suicide as a reasonable means of putting an end to this constant fear that is ever present Within oneself… which is an unrecognized fear of oneself… that is,  one consciously KNOWs that something awful will occur if one ever lets go.  You see, it is all such people can do to keep a lid on what they fear is seeking to escape.  This results  in little or no energy left to assume responsibility for ones life generally.  THIS IS THE PROBLEM.…  And now for the solution.

The FACT IS… what the Vet or any other person experiencing this growing problem must deal with is this:   Where are they to go for a complete  understanding of what is taking place.  BECAUSE OUR MODERN MENTAL HEALTH HAS NO IDEA OF WHAT I JUST EXPLAINED.  And talk, talk, and more talk is not going to get the job done.  And drugs are simply making zombies out of perfectly good human beings.  The drug does nothing to address the problem, the drugs only reinforce the misperception that a problem exists.

________ So, my solution  is a multifaceted one, and yet…it is not an expensive solution… compared to the problem and  the present cost of the problem.


I will donate my services for the project [requiring only food and lodging] and the program would require someone to donate some acreage [perhaps in Texas, because of climate] as the “Place,” and I would require some funding to advertise the project, and a small staff [part of whom could be volunteer]… a bookkeeper, a general contractor, an information specialist, and a retired Sergeant Major who wants to help Veterans.

The plan is simple and profound at the same time.  Some tents would be required for the initial group of fifty ‘Vet City” residents.  And the volunteer services of a number of trades people who would help build, and teach [the ‘residents’ how to build].  The idea being this:  The people, as part of their therapeutic program will help build their own facility, and each day will also entail two hours of group education in the morning, and two hours of group education in the evening, and one hour to be arranged with each person during each week.

This is the program in a nutshell, and I KNOW it will work because I have helped such people for 30+ years.

And to anticipate the expansion of this program to other places around the nation, I would also request a number of interested professionals in mental health to join the Program for their own training… in preparation of opening similar facilities across the nation.

What do you think?

Brother James

[James W. Patterson, Ph.D.] esominder@yahoo.com


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