The Pig’s Houses… & What’s wrong with America?

America is like the wise pig who built his house of bricks.  In the case of America, the bricks are the values of honesty, patriotism, and a belief in God.  And let us emphasize the BELIEF IN GOD, and the fact that  America at the time of its founding was largely peopled by those who KNEW persecution for ones religious beliefs first hand.  Since many of the original people coming to America, came specifically to establish a nation based on the right to practice ones personal religions beliefs openly, and without fear of ridicule or being harassed by goons of some tyrannical despot.

This meant a Freedom of Religion, and a state of Liberty guaranteed to each citizen.  And at that time [and even today] that guarantee was unique in the world.  Now… let us take a look at what has happened to America, while too many slept in comfortable beds; and ate too much of the abundant food produced by this nation… based on Liberty.

The problem with America [this is my belief] is that in America today there are too many immigrants from nations where Liberty is not allowed to its citizens.  And where those wealthy enough to immigrate to the U.S. are not the Spiritually Enlightened of the nations from whence such people immigrate.  And with President Obama flooding the nation with the illiterate of Mexico [and points South], the teeter-totter of America is being dangerously tilted in the direction of immorality, a fear of personal responsibility, and a habit natural to all socialist nations, a deep-seated sense of entitlement [lack of Conscience] taught to the people from birth.

If these Utopian dream-Marxist oriented ideals that are taught to godless people from birth were not so prevalent in the present government of America [at all levels], the nation might be able to resist the demands of those in the nation who are psychologically unable to experience the personal responsibility necessary in people who are capable of standing up for the Liberty so many Americans have died for over the last 239 years.

It is unrealistic to imagine that the intense sense of pride, honor, and love of God, so dear to many people in America who fought for  Liberty in 1776, would be magically transported to the present, without a great deal of help.  And this was eroded by millions of immigrants from around the world who did not share [nor could they actually comprehend what Liberty demands], and so, America slowly began to mirror the greed, envy and desire to HAVE the “good life”… WITHOUT the hard word and personal dedication to God required to produce the “good life”.

Too many refugees of Socialist, Communist, and Dictator-controlled nations flooded into America, and too few Americans demanded that these people BECOME Americans first, and then comes citizenship.  And, subtly, over time… America began to be “tolerant” of godliness.  Tolerant of people whose only god is greed, fear, dominance and power [Like Soros].   And this tolerance continued until now the nation allows Atheists to dictate whether or not Christmas will be celebrated, and in what way it will be celebrated?  And America, in 2008,  voted  to place in the office of President a Marxist-Muslim who, like his dead father, hates Americans because they thought that Americans would not kneel to the evil of godless Communism.

Too much water over the dam… too much godliness, and too many people with no idea what Liberty means.  And far too many people who celebrate immorality and sexual deviancy [which is evidence of a Soul that lacks Conscience].  If there are people who do not feel the weight of the damned driving the teeter-totter downward… then this is clear evidence that this nation is no longer the HOME OF THE BRAVE,  but a collection of people without leadership, or purpose… other than greed, envy, and the allurements of Satan.  Small Souls have large MINDs, and the natural desires of the MIND are Greed, Envy and an insatiable desire to Control everyone and everything in the environment, and of course the government is the only thing capable of such blind Control.  All MIND-driven bodies of people become some form of Marxist government. It is inevitable. As God is abandoned, Satan arises and Marxism is pure Satanism.

In the Bible we are warned of the Anti-christ, who is supported by the False Prophet [or Pope], and how we will all have a choice:  Either embrace the Anti-christ, or die.  And this is not a theory, it is being played out in front of all of us today. Most nations are already lost, and America is being pulled in the direction of the one-world government as fast as people like Jeb Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton can do so… each in his or her own perverted way.  It is a shame, but it is also prophesied, and it will occur.  Those who love God will choose death, and be resurrected. Those who choose to “compromise” will see the Lake of Fire, and perhaps worse.

Unfortunately, what is wrong with America is… too many have forgotten the purpose of America was for Liberty, or the right of people to worship God.  That America is slipping into the abyss of evil is the natural, and irretrievable result of our embracing too much that is evil.


Brother James


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