New Knights Templar One God Disciple… Concept proposal

What if people, around the world,  spontaneously decided to join with one another, forming a group we call NewKnightsTemplarOneGodDisciples, or NKTOGD, for short?

The basic concept is that there is but One God, and we recognize that God as God.  And any human being anywhere in the world can join this group, the only criteria is a belief in One God.  And each disciple is free to belong to any church that believes in One God.  Imagine this concept!

The only ritual is that of belief in one God, and the only measurement of membership is a commitment to the concept of one God.  And the only allegiance is to One God, the Father of all Souls, regardless of Race, Geography, Ethnicity, living or educational status, age, income, or other personal status? The whole requirement is a belief in these few principles:  God is Love; There is only one God; Every Soul is an aspect of God;  And finally, as long as one is dedicated to God, all other earthly things are necessary for the body, but irrelevant to ones belief in One God.

Since there is but one God, all human beings are brothers and sisters in God, regardless of all Earthly things, ones belief in the One God makes all of us OneGodDisciples.

A NewKnightsTemplarOneGodDisciple needs but one criteria, an absolute Faith in the One God, and an open heart to all who believe in One God.  And since there is no external trappings for such Faith, the entire belief is internal, and therefore, the Faith has no restriction to any worldly religions at all. However, from a practical personal perspective, if ones Earthly religion preaches hatred of any Soul,  for any reason, well then, that religion is incompatible with the NKTOGD Faith.

My own Spiritual Path would not be in conflict with such a Faith, and I would hope that most other religions or Spiritual pursuits would be compatible with such a Faith as well.

So, how many of us can rise above the MIND and all its prejudicial thoughts to embrace the NewKnightsTemplarOneGodDiciple creed?  The symbol, since Man seems to need symbols, would perhaps be a circle with the letters OGD within the circle?

I’m in, how about you?

Peace, Brother James


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