The mystics tell us that most often, when a Soul has “earned” the status of human being, and that Soul lives a ‘good’ life as a human being, then that Soul may continue as a human being. And its Fate Karma in its next lifetime will be based on what progress it made in its previous lifetime. It seems likely to me that only a Soul that reaches the status of human being can design the next incarnation for its next lifetime, and thus intentionally seek to clear the negative Karma it has accumulated over many lifetimes in hopes of making progress in elevating its Soul? And, what do the MINDs Within the Democrat, Liberal, or Intelack type person do about this attempt by Souls seeking to engage in negative Karma so as to grow their Souls?
The typical Democrat or Liberal [both of whom are Intelack type people], do their very best to defeat the efforts of the poor to experience and explore the experience of being poor. The Intelack takes from the rich and the hard-working people and, after taking a large slice of that money for themselves, seek to enslave the poor by dangling “free stuff” for the poor, and all the poor have to do is deny God, deny personal responsibility, and deny their own Souls… and chance Transmigration, and bow down before the Intelack to pretend being poor [rather than a role one is playing… is actually who one is].
This, of course, is a hideously vile game the Intelack plays with people, but the nature of this physical plane is a pit of vipers. Or a pit of evil, or a vail of tears. It has always been so, and it is in the nature of the challenge the Soul faces in climbing the Ladder of Life.


Brother James


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