About the cycle of birth and death…

The cycle of birth and death is the means by which every Soul that desires to return Home to God may engage by committing to Life, and this commitent begins that Soul’s climb up the Ladder of Life. Once a Soul commits to Life, it begins life on the physical plane as some lower life form, and it slowly works its way up the Ladder of Life, as it adds to its Spiritual growth by the good Karma it does… and limits its growth [or perhaps even transmigrates a rung or two] by the negative Karma it does.

And this reality of birth and death parallels all teachings of various religions, or is taking place behind the scenes of every religion.  So that both the Reality of Life and ones religion are both true.  But one may change ones religion at any time, but the Reality of Life is largely unknown, and it applies to every Soul from beginning to end [whatever end that might be]?

The mystics tell us that most often when a Soul has “earned” the status of human being, and that Soul lives a ‘good’ life as a human being, then that Soul may continue as a human being. And its Fate Karma in its next lifetime will be based on what progress it made in its first lifetime. It seems likely to me that only a Soul that reaches the status of human being can design the next incarnation for its next lifetime, and thus intentionally seek to clear the negative Karma it has accumulated over many lifetimes. And, of course the possibility of ‘transmigration’ is always a possibility for Souls that insist on creating negative Karma.

And yes, this does conflict with the dogma of religions that do not embrace the Law of Karma and Reincarnation. Although the Bible is filled with comments that coincide with the concept of sowing and reaping, which just means Karma, the actual usage of the term Karma was removed from the Bible [some people say] during the period 500 to 1500 AD.

If this is a Soul’s first lifetime, then the Soul is strictly monitored so that it leads a life consistent with the last life it had as an animal… which was exemplary enough to warrant it a human birth.
However, I may have lost the reader somewhat in my sharing the mystical perspective on the Reality of Life? Or the fact that the two primary foundation stones of Life that all life forms must follow is the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation? These two basic facts of Life apply to all living forms in the Creation that have committed to Life, and there are no exceptions to the Laws of God. Anyone can deny or ignore these basic realities of Life, but the only people I know who do so are Intelack people, or people who lack enough C’etc [Consciousness] to realize these Laws exist. Alas, in the Reality of Life, ignorance is no excuse and ignorance is wide-spread.

All Souls engage in Karmic action, and deal with Karma until ones Soul “learns” how to overcome Karma by Acceptance, forgiveness, and assuming personal responsibility for its every thought and action. This is all in the Bible, by the way, but it is hidden for the most part.


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