Fear of the unknown elements [which exist in the Reality of Life] is a problem that is as old as mankind itself. And, there have been, there are today, and there will always be “immature Souls” Within people that require their MINDs to CONTROL what they think, say, and do. And the unfortunate fact is… those Souls that lack Consciousness [are immature in their acquisition of the Virtues of Life] and have little or no option but to be controlled by their MINDs… since such Souls are not mature enough to override the desires, thoughts, and actions of their MINDs. Such Souls are not as yet open to experience the Spirituality Within themselves, and therefore, they are forced to fear what their MINDs cannot perceive; and what the MIND cannot perceive is the Spiritual Energy of the Soul to which the MIND is attached.
And before the reader gets all excited by this seeming oversight by God… the inability of an immature Soul to exercise its Spiritual power when it is too immature to realize what its power is, or can do, is merely a common sense limitation. So, until the Soul is mature enough to warrant substantial access to its own power to resist the MIND, the MIND must exercise control over such a Soul [but only in so far as the MIND helps that Soul fulfill the Fate Karma the Soul designed for this present lifetime… [if the Soul has lived as a human being before, and its life was positive enough to warrant another birth as a human being]? If a Soul is in  its first lifetime as a human being, and that Soul’s life is more negative than positive, then the next incarnation of that Soul will likely be “transmigration,” or back to a lower species in order to get its fill of living out its animal cravings.
The major point to Life is that once a Soul commits to life [which means chooses to leave the Astral or Causal region, and to begin the journey back to God by committing to Life, then that Soul actively begins to engage in the Law of Karma. And this Law of Karma applies to every Soul that has committed to Life. From the most minute cellular life form to the human being, every Soul that has committed to Life is constantly monitored by the MIND that is attached to every Soul. Every thought, emotion, or deed is listed as part of a permeant record for every Soul that is part of the cycle of birth and death. And there are no exceptions to the Law of Karma. And the process of climbing the Ladder of Life is a vey long process.  It takes many lifetimes to become Enlightened, in other words.
The cycle of birth and death is the means by which any Soul that desires to return Home to God may do so by committing to Life, and that begins that Soul’s climb up the Ladder of Life. Once a Soul commits to Life, it begins life on the physical plane as some lower life form, and it slowly works its way up the Ladder of Life, as it adds to its Spiritual growth by the good Karma it does… and limits its growth [or perhaps even transmigrates a rung or two] by the negative Karma it does.
The mystics tell us that most often when a Soul has “earned” the status of human being, and that Soul lives a ‘good’ life as a human being, then that Soul may continue as a human being. And its Fate Karma in its next lifetime will be based on what progress it made in this  lifetime. It seems likely to me that only a Soul that reaches the status of human being can design the next incarnation for its next lifetime, and thus intentionally seek to clear the negative Karma it has accumulated over many lifetimes. And, of course the possibility of ‘transmigration’ is always a possibility for Souls that insist on creating negative Karma.
And yes, this does conflict with the dogma of religions that do not embrace the Law of Karma and Reincarnation. Although the Bible is filled with comments that coincide with the concept of sowing and reaping, which just means Karma, the actual usage of the term Karma was removed [some people say] during the period 500 to 1500 AD.
if this is a Soul’s first lifetime as a human being,  then that Soul is strictly monitored so that it leads a life consistent with the last life it had as an animal… which was exemplary enough to warrant it a human birth.  The Hindu believes life as a bovine precedes life as a human being.
It just occurs to me, I may have lost the reader in my sharing these mystical perspectives on the Reality of Life? Or the fact that the two primary foundation stones that all life forms must follow is the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation? These two basic facts of Life apply to all living forms in the Creation, and there are no exceptions to the Laws of God. Anyone can deny or ignore these basic realities of Life, but the only people I know who do so are Intelack people, or people who lack enough C’etc [Consciousness] to realize these Laws exist. Alas, in the Reality of Life, ignorance is no excuse.


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