KNOWING via INTUITION [Is actually a mystical ability].

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“Inward,” or my term “Within” refers to the 3/4ths of Man that the brain will never know [cannot experience the energy of]: These 3/4ths of Man  are the Esoteric dimensions of Man, in other words. But what if some of us could discover the “unknown” parts of ourselves by “proper education”? Would we realize we were different from other people in this respect? Modern education can teach us anything the brain can “think” about…using “abstract terms”. What we were never told, as part of our educational process, is that 3/4ths of ourselves cannot be discovered by our brains and thinking!  Bet you didn’t know this, right?

√ CRUCIAL CONCEPT …. Virtually unknown to most people [including those in modern mental health] is the fact that the MIND can cause the brain to think it knows things it can’t possibly know…. such as ones own MIND, for instance. Or God, Soul, Truth, Spirituality, Love, and other “Absolutes”.  And none of us were taught this crucial distinction between the brain and MIND in school.  And the reason is that modern mental health has consistently denied and ignored the MIND as separate from the brain since the early 1900s, when this Delusional idea was promoted by B.F. Skinner, because he didn’t know any better.

And if education denies the MIND, it naturally denies the Spiritual dimension of Man, which is even more invisible than that of the MIND.  The term ‘invisible’ simply means existing in a vibrational dimension the brain cannot perceive.

The same reason modern mental health [or BS&bp [Behavioral Science & the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”], fails to teach us that the brain can know nothing of the MIND… is the reason those trained in BS&bp have no idea what the MIND is; what is does; or where it is located?  And cutting the brain into smaller and smaller pieces will not reveal the MIND…Duh.

What people need to know about discovering the psychology of Man… is the same thing people in education need to discover to enable them to “learn” about  Intuition, and that is… Man is composed of four simultaneously existing, and yet vibrationally separate dimensions, and the only part of Man capable of ‘experiencing’ all of these is ones faculty of Intuition… which is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension and only available to people who are ‘Enlightened”.

So, whether one likes it or not, or accepts it or not… the fact is,  use of ones faculty of Intuition is the ONLY way one can discover the 3/4ths of oneself that are not physical. And the question is, it seems to me… How come so few people are aware of what I just wrote?

Oddly enough, the reason so few are aware of the “whole” of Man is  something I refer to as the Malady of Intellectualism, or “M-I” [Research M-I]. That is, the vibrational energies of ‘higher truths’ are such that they cannot be perceived by the brain or physical senses [which are physical.. obviously].  When one reads this as I just wrote it, it would seem reasonable, right?  But it would not make any sense at all to you if… you were what I refer to as an Intelack type personality.  Research Intelack [here].  The term Intelack refers to those people whose Souls are new, or relatively new to the form of human being.   And to comprehend this… one must have some acquaintanceship with the concepts of  the Law of Karma and Reincarnation.  Since most Americans do not comprehend these terms, this lack of education contributes to a great many people not understanding what Intuition is, or how it is that those with Intuition can KNOW things most people do not “know”.

Intuition is not taught in education primarily because people who are drawn to the profession of education tend to be people who make good use of the brain and thinking.  What such people do not know [because we do not teach this in education today], is that people who are confined to Intellectualism [use of the brain with little or no access to ones emotionality], often results in high intelligence, but it also results in low Intuition [which requires access to ones Spiritual dimension… which is greatly feared by those people confined to Intellectualism], and this is not at all the awareness of such people, who are unknowingly Intelack type people and are not aware they intensely [and non-conscioiusly] fear the unknown, which includes the Energy of Spirituality.  There are, in other words, a great many paradoxes in Reality.

And now you know the reason the typical Intelack type personality seeks to remove religion and all symbols of Spirituality from his or her environment.  Fear of the unknown, and an intense desire to CONTROL everyone and everything are natural ‘needs’ of the Intelack personality.

Both Intuition, and Spirituality are ‘unknown’ to the physical brain, and to the MIND as well. So, the only person capable of experiencing Intuition is someone whose Soul has acquired enough Consciousness to warrant it access to Intuition… and the higher truths which are only available via ones faculty of Intuition.  And since this is not ‘taught,’ one must do this automatically [which is often resisted and thought to be some mental problem], or one withdraws from the field of battle between good and evil… mistakenly thinking something is wrong with oneself.  Again, this is a short-coming of “proper”  education.

Again due to a lack of education,  pretty much unknown to most people is the fact that the majority of the population does not have an easy access to their Intuition. So, they cannot experience what those who have access to Intuition can experience. And those who do possess access to their Intuition rarely realize they are unusual….nor do they realize that when they share what they Intuit with others…the others may only comprehend the “abstract labels” they are using to point to what they have subtly experienced. And this causes people who cannot “experience” higher truths to mistakenly “think” they know these higher truths because they know the ‘abstract labels’ for these higher truths. I refer to this phenomena as Delusional Thinking, which is naturally occurring,  little known, thus rarely discussed.

You see…the subtle Esoteric energies that some [evolved or “Enlightened”] people can “experience” are subtle vibrational energies whose vibrational resonances are such that the brain cannot perceive them.  They are “Knowings” that cannot be conveyed to anyone else. These evolved or Enlightened people are not “thinking” about these subtle energies using their brains [because these subtle energies are not capable of being perceived by the brain or physical senses]. These evolved people are “experiencing” these subtle vibrational energies via their Intuition. And this experiencing is actually a person awakening to bits of Truth [or Knowledge] from Within his or her Spiritual dimension.  This is [or used to be] called Enlightenment, and it used to be applauded.

Intuition is part of ones Spiritual dimension, so it is special, subtle, and little known. Intuition is also the ONLY way for Man to “experience” the vibrational energies of the 3/4ths of Man that are not physical, and thus, not capable of being perceived by ones brain or physical senses.  Too bad so much of American education is Controlled by Intelack people today.

Brother James


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