Some interesting points from new book…

“What does all this have to do with the study of Psychology,” you might ask? Well, what I am writing about “is” Psychology, or at least the parts of Psychology that the ancient Greeks intended us to study. You see, the study of Psychology SHOULD BE A STUDY OF THE Whole Human Being.
The fact is… there are countless human beings on Earth today who are “ready” to awaken to bits of Truth from Within themselves, but due to the fear projected by Intelack type people in the fields of “psychology and mental health,” none of these people who are ready to increase their Enlightenment, are provided the help they need. This denial of Knowledge [proper symbols] to those Souls who are “ready” to awaken to the Knowledge their Souls have “earned” is prevented from taking place by Intelack people whose non-conscious fear of the MIND and Spiritual dimensions of Man…has been imposed upon the very fields of study that might provide the help all people need.
The chasm between the Enlightened and the Intelack is increasing, not diminishing, as each type clings to, and even reinforces the differences between themselves. And hardly anyone realizes that this is precisely what God intended we human beings to do… As we unknowingly separate ourselves in preparation for the great “judgment” just seven to eight years ahead.

Brother James


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