America & What’s going on… part of new book.

The worst part of ignorance is that it allows fear to motivate certain people into demanding that the truth be seen as what they say it is. So, just as soon as the Truth of Life is dropped by those Enlightened enough to see the Truth, the MINDs of those who fear the Truth begin to condemn those who speak for Truth. And this is the eternal war that has existed on Earth for millions of years.
What seems to lend weight to those who are blind to the Truth is that those who can see Truth [at least in the last few thousand years] have refused to fight for Truth against those who fear Truth. In the case of America, it seems that the Intelack class people have been very adept in separating the Enlightened people from government by demanding that Man must not combine Religion and Government. Man must not demand honesty or truth in government, in other words.
The natural and at times fairly intense fear the Intelack type person has of the unknown in life, and in particular the Esoteric or invisible dimensions Within him/herself, results in a very short fuse when it comes to any Enlightened person correcting or challenging them. And if you have ever debated or argued with an Intelack type person, you may have noticed that very early in the discussion, if you do not back down and let the Intelack believe he or she is winning the debate, well, the Intelack will quickly become critical of you personally, your family, and perhaps threaten to use the court to fine or imprison you.
It is almost impossible for a normal [Enlightened] person to imagine how intensely fearful the aspects of Conscience or Spiritual Energy are to the Intelack personality. Like an animal that is cornered, defend yourself well… because there is no ‘code’ of conduct in play when dealing with a person who lacks Conscience.
On Earth, the Enlightened person is at a distinct disadvantage in dealing with the Intelack person because [oddly enough] the Enlightened person “respects” the Intelack, and the Intelack hates the Enlightened person. The Enlightened person will do everything possible to avoid conflict, and the Intelack person does everything possible to create conflict, disharmony, and chaos. The Enlightened person will do anything to avoid harm to innocent people while the Intelack will put innocent people in harms way just to win control over the Enlightened person. And the Enlightened person refuses to condemn the Intelack person, while the Intelack person condemns, lies about, and creates dishonest stories about Enlightened people.
Such disparity between these two basic types of people cannot be sustained for very long. And, since the Enlightened class people refuse to fight for Truth, the inevitable take-over by the Intelack people is only a matter of time. And this is perhaps the reason for a time limit being placed on the war between good and evil by God? I believe this is the reason for the prophocized war called Armageddon.


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