For those unafraid, this may be interesting?

If Consciousness is awareness, and it is of course, then to become aware of the higher rungs of the Ladder of Life, or LoL, one must uncover that which prevents one from rising up the LoL? And what prevents one from rising up the LoL are Karmic ‘due bills’ that must be Accepted and Neutralized. You see, the Energy tied up in a bit of Karma… is actually NSgy [Neutral Spiritual Energy] on loan from ones Soul to support that bit of Karma. To go up, one must also go down to expose, experience and convert the Energy of that Karma into bits of Truth [Wisdom].  And, there is no alternative, or work around to accomplish this primary operation of Life… other than to do it [and this takes lifetimes].
So, no wonder so many are so reluctant to face the unknown Within themselves. Aside from being frightening, it is also painful…. alas, it is the only way I know to rise up the Ladder of Life.
_______________ End Chapter 10


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