An interesting bit about Intuition & Knowing…from book.

In an experimental class I conducted in the Mid-West many years ago, in which we sought to discover the origin of creativity, many of the students and myself happened upon the faculty of Intuition accidentally. And much of what I have subsequently discovered regarding Intuition can be traced back to that semester .
Briefly, what I would do is to read a paragraph or so from some book on mysticism, Spirituality, the Bible, occultism, and so forth. And then I surprised myself by being able to explain what motivated the author to write what he/she did? I saw, in other words, what the author was attempting to convey, but could not do so with the words being used… and I explained this to the class, and provided new words I had come to KNOW from my years studying mysticism and Spirituality.  In a few weeks, many of the students began to experience some strange things taking place.
What I was doing [Intuitively] was providing my students with ‘symbols’ of the motivational bits of truth the authors had not [as yet] created to “stand for” the unlabeled truths their faculties of Intuition wanted to convey, but did not have the cognitive symbols that the brains of people could use to Intuit what they wanted to convey.
In other words, in the Bible when Christ told his disciples that they could “see” and “hear” what he was saying, while the masses could neither see nor hear, Christ had provided his disciples “symbols” or new labels [or words which his Intuition had infused with a Spiritual vibration] so that they might Intuit the bits of truth Christ was sharing with them.
And that which is the NEEDED element in this is that the person being exposed to the vibration of truth… must be “ready” to awaken to the truth from Within him/herself. Unless a person is Enlightened and “ready” to awaken to some bit of C’etc from Within him/herself, then no amount of cerebral activity will enable that awakening.
One student would Intuit something quite meaningful to him or her, and when gathering together before class, that person would attempt to explain what he or she had Intuited. But the person seeking to explain would barely get a word out, before another student would interrupt by saying: “Yes, I Know exactly what you mean.” And this began to happen with many of the students, and they so enjoyed this, that they began to meet an hour before class and share… what they began to call “Knowings” with one another.
The peculiar thing is that their excitement, and enjoyment at utilizing this new experience among themselves began to draw other students of the university to listen to what they were doing. The problem is, the other students listened to them, but could not make any sense of what they were observing?
What we discovered is that our Knowings were certainly important to each of us, but we also realized that none of us could verbalize what one had Intuited… and yet, others could KNOW what one had come to KNOW via Intuition, without any words being used to describe what one had Intuited.
It seemed as though all one had to do is to focus on ones Intuition Within oneself, and this activated the energy of ones Intuition so that it stimulated the same bit of Knowledge that was being awakened Within another person… if that person was open to awakening to that particular bit of Knowledge?
We discovered two things right away: One, not everyone could do this, and two, no one could verbalize what one had awakened to via Intuition. What have I learned subsequently?
I learned that until one has acquired a ‘symbol’ as part of ones brain, and that ‘symbol’ is charged with [the vibrational energy of some bit of truth], one cannot use that symbol as a means of conveying the vibrational energy of truth to the Intuition Within oneself. Unless ones level of Enlightenment is such that one is ‘ready’ to awaken to that bit of Intuited truth [which is otherwise invisible] to ones faculty of Intuition.
So, the mystical part of what I discovered is that anyone can hear or read a symbol, and if one has become aware of that symbol, then one will apply what one has learned that symbol means…[intellectually]. And that is all that person will KNOW.
In other words, the visible word, term, symbol may have some meaning that the brain holds for that word, terms or symbol, but the vibrational bit of truth that is using that word, term, or symbol to carry itself… remains unseen and unknown, until it is seen or heard by someone who is “ready” to awaken to the vibrational resonance of that bit of truth from Within ones own Apapsyche [Operational Energy of ones Soul]. The vibration of truth is ONLY capable of being experienced by the Intuition of someone who is ‘ready’ to awaken to it, in other words. This is how the Spirituality of a person remains invisible, except to those whose Souls are ‘ready’ to awaken to that bit of truth. Truth cannot be taught, it can only be “caught”.


Brother James


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