_________ The war between good and evil is constantly taking place Within each of us. This war is between ones MIND, and ones Soul to which that MIND is attached. To imagine that one is separate from the evil desires of ones MIND is to be mistaken. And to say that one is simply immature in ones acquisition of C’etc is no excuse for negative [criminal] action. Each Soul is held responsible for every action taken by the MIND that is attached to that Soul, even when one does not consciously want to do what one does.
You see, we cannot “see” all the things we did in the past. So, we cannot “know” what our Souls have designed for us to experience in this lifetime? When you do something you do not want to do, but you seem compelled to do such a thing, you can ease your conscience by imagining that this was your Fate Karma doing what it does. On the other hand, the wise person will drop to the floor and beg for forgiveness, because ignorance is no excuse in the Law of Karma. The Law of Karma is an Absolute Law.
That is, the Law of Karma operates with dispassion, and no mercy. It is exacting to the smallest degree, and it leaves nothing undone. The only entity in Creation capable of reducing Karma is God, or a God-man, which means a God-realized Soul, such as a designated Master serving God. When Christ was accused of blasphemy, when he said: “Your sins are forgiven,” those present may not have heard Christ say previously: “I do what my Father bids me to do.” Christ also said: “ I do the work of my Father, which has sent me.”
In other words, Christ said repeatedly that what he was doing on Earth was at the order of his Father, God. Christ was a God-realized Soul, or a Soul that is one with God. Such a Soul is very rare on Earth, although the mystics tell us there is always at least one such Soul on Earth.
The war between the MIND and ones Soul is a war only because ones Soul has not [as yet] raised itself above the MIND that is attached to it. If one gets a sense of being at war with ones MIND, then that is a very good indication that one is more Enlightened than one might suspect? If you have an awareness of a choice in what you do, then that is clear evidence that your Soul is active in your life. It is your faculty of Intuition that enables you to “hear” the Truth from the Apapsyche of your Soul. And each bit of Truth stored Within ones Apapsyche has been “earned” by ones having gone through the Karma to acquire that bit of Truth.
We might say it is Grace to be aware of Truth, but be assured that it is sheer work and great effort on the part of your Soul that has “earned” every bit of Truth you awaken to. This is not well known in the West, or in America, because we rarely discuss the topic of Spirituality in this nation.
We talk, or perhaps argue about religion, but rarely do people discuss the Spiritual dimension of Man. And sadly, the reason is that Intellectualism has insinuated itself into the field of religion just as it has every other field of mankind. Much of the message of religion today is straight from the MINDs of people whose MINDs cause them to “think” that great oratory is the “same as” discussing Spirituality.
The Spirituality of Man is to be found ONLY Within Man, it is not to be found in the brain, in thinking, or in external activity, regardless of what activity we might imagine?

So, think what you will about you actions, your actions may be earning you very negative Karma. But when you experience Hell as as a consequence, it will be quite growthful.


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