Concerning Black People Looting, Hating Police, and rioting.

Let us begin with the obvious. In recent history, black people have rioted on several occasions, notably when a black person dies and especially if the black person who dies is a bully, but also when the person is  just a black person… if,  somewhere in the process the police are involved?

Why does this not occur with black people when if a white person dies as a consequence of actions by the Criminal Justice System?  Such events may or may not even be mentioned?

Could it be that black racists have successfully instituted in the minds of all people that black people are victims of slavery [whether the family of a black person had anything to do with slavery or not]?  Just how effective is being raised to believe that the only reason black people cannot be successful is racial prejudice against black people, and that while police hate black people?  The answer is… this is very effective propaganda… feeding black rage [created and sustained by black racists like Holder, Lynch, Obama, Holder, Jackson, etc].

And therefore, having been raised to believe that one is biologically inferior, intellectually inferior, and a victim of racism… which is equal bits of self-fulfilling behavior and corrupt black leaders, does a moderately intelligent black person not want to display intelligence in such a dishonest environment?  Of course this is the case, and I witnessed this way back in 1948, when I taught in a school that had a predominately black population.  MY students would not take their art work home because they were afraid of being mocked, or even attacked by those blacks in the community studying black thuggery.

Can anyone name a community in America where Democrat Black leadership has NOT destroyed that community?  The Democrat and fear of personal responsibility is one in  the same thing.  And with Democrats in Congress, the solution is to feed more and more money into the community to such leadership. Don’t forget the COMMON BELIEF among the Liberal/Democrat/Intelack people in the government is that black people are incapable of taking care of themselves… at least that is what their leaders [Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, et al]  tell us.  Has anyone in the last 60 years asked where the millions and millions of dollars go? What kind of fool gives a racist corrupt politician money & expect improvement?

Why did Eric Holder tell the nation that he would not prosecute any black person committing a crime?  Holder said this because he is a racist, and he believes the black race is incapable of being held to the same standards as the white race.  What powerful [reinforcing] message does this send to black youth?

For generations now, many black parents [if in fact a male was in the family] taught their children  to hate while people merely because the people are white.  Question:  How much time is available for studying English, history, math or developing vocational skills, if one is constantly thinking about how unfair life is due to white people?

Can anyone tell me the reason the dominate population in prison is black?

Could it [IN ANY WAY] have to do with black youth being taught that, if they are not good at basketball, or football, they should be good at pimping or selling dope, or theft, intimidation, and corruption?  And too,  there is no use in becoming educated… because the while people will not allow you to be successful?  The fact this is not true is irrelevant, my friends.  As rhetoric spoken by evil people… to a vulnerable black youth,  it is effective.

The fact is…. the nation is filled with black musicians, business people, architects, lawyers, entrepreneurs, newspeople, police and politicians.  But racial hatred is easy to feed to a young black male whose pants are falling down,  who never knew his father, and who is filled with self-loathing.  And if the police don’t care if black youth throw concrete pieces at them, then why not do it… the black [lacing in education and uncared for] thug reasons.  And besides Holder said we are immune from prosecution, and the Mayor of Baltimore ordered the police to let us riot.

In my opinion… until and unless the successful black people in the nation begin to speak to Truth, and to call a thug a thug, and to identify thuggery  as a disgrace, nothing will change. The change of a disintegrating culture is up to the people, not the government.

Every try loving kindness on a dog with rabies… they bite you.


Brother James


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