While on the topic… of Judgement…

But, I also believe that once the Soul has “tasted” the duality of the MIND [by making a commitment to the exploration of the Creation, a choice it must make on its own], it then moves into the realm of the MIND, and thence shares the reasoning power of the MIND which is focused on the choice of good vs evil. In the Bible this is summed up in saying the Soul now knows of the Knowledge of good and evil. It knows this via its Apapsyche, which can experience what the MIND experiences.
Simply stated, to explore the Creation, one must believe that one is a part of the Creation. And if you are on Earth, you have made this commitment, and you are now governed by the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation. And this commitment is a one-way street. One follows it to the end, or one returns to the primordial Energy of Creation… as “nothing”. This is what the term “judgement” in the Bible means, in my opinion.
If a Soul dedicates itself to Satan, or the negative MIND [negative in the sense it is not NSgy], it is judged as rejecting its role as a Soul, and is submerged into the primordial ooze of Absolute nothing. Lights out, and time ceases to exist, as utter darkness becomes ones unaware status. This is death.
The many lifetimes of we Souls are opportunities we are given to reclaim our exalted status, via re-education in various Hells. But if a Soul is dedicated to Satan, termination is the only cure for such a Soul. Eternity as nothin.


Brother James


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