A bit from my current book: Regarding what’s happening…

In the present Iron Age of Man, we have the additional pressure of a subtle evil [Satan] imposing itself upon any and all vulnerable Souls on Earth. This is the ‘end times’ of the Bible, and what the Mayans warned us about, which they said was the end of the Iron Age of Man. We are currently sliding into this rising tide of evil on Earth. And the length of time this increasing evil will continue to plague Man [I believe] is about 7 to 8 years.
There is no diversion of Man that will cease or even detour this prophesied event. This period of great evil [called in the Bible the Great Tribulation] will play itself out, and it serves two purposes. One is to cleanse the Earth of evil, and secondly, to properly “judge” we Souls as to which shall continue the journey, and which will be dissolved into the primordial matrix of existence? If this seems harsh, well, it is. But in the bigger picture of Reality, it is simply a part of a continual course correction Life takes after many thousands of years.

This is the reason the mystics tell us to give proper time to our meditation on what is Real and Lasting, which is one’s Soul and its relationship to God.


Brother James


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