How many Christians have put this together…?

I have just recently come across some really interesting data regarding Christianity, Catholicism, the Second Commandment, and John: 4:24.  And, I thought I would share this with those who might have an interest… which should be anyone who is a Catholic… and might be interested in the ‘end times’?

Yesterday, I came across this video: [and I really recommend it for those interested in the ‘end times’ and a fascinating introduction to the Holy Roman Empire]?  Briefly, I am not a student of history [except the history of Psychology] and so, I was not aware that Napoleon sent a General to Rome in 538 AD, to remove the Pope, and to place him in exile.  And this officially was the end of the Papacy, or it was thought to be the end.  With the Papacy in Rome now larger than ever, obviously it was not the end of the reign of the Popes.  Again, the video is enlightening in this regard.

The primary objection many Christians have now, and in the middle ages had… is that the Catholic Pope  is considered to be an alternative to Christ on Earth.  In addition, the Pope and even Priests believe they can “forgive sins”.  Since the “forgiving of sin” is the prerogative of God, this is a bone of contention that is not insignificant.  And this practice also undermines and places in jeopardy the crucial fact that God must be worshiped in Spirit.  Not in ritual, or pomp, or through surrogates… but from WITHIN oneself in Spirit, and in “secret” [in one’s closet, so to speak].

I also just learned that the Catechism taught to children in Catholicism omits the Second Commandment given to Moses:  Which, in part says, Thou shalt not create nor worship craven images… and one can’t help but imagine this to mean the images of Saints, Mary, Christ, rosary, and so forth.  The question a thoughtful person must ask is this:  Why was God so insistent on the Second Commandment?  And I believe the answer is given to us in John 4:24.

John 4:24:  God is a Spirit:  and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Emphasis on Spirit, Him [meaning the Spirit of God], and Truth.  What is Truth?  Although many suggest the Truth cannot be known, the many are in error.  God, as well as being Love, is also Truth.  And if one touches the Spirit of God within oneself, one also touches Truth.

Does the reader realize that the MIND of Man is composed of two energies, neither of which is capable of being perceived by ones brain?  The Lower MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation, and the Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation.  The mystics tell us the MIND was attached to the Soul to provide the Soul [via the MIND] an experience of duality, or the Yin – Yang aspects of life.

My point in mentioning the MIND is to emphasize the fact that the MIND of Man is responsible for insuring that each Soul fulfill the Purpose of Life, which is to achieve Perfection before returning Home to God.  But, the MIND becomes so attached to the illusion of life [what the Bible calls Mammon], that it develops a conflict with ones Soul, in that the MIND desires to create attachments to the illusion, while the Soul is lonely for God [whether this is consciously known or not]?  So, to worship God, ones Soul must find some way to rise above the MIND, which is naturally drawn to the things of this Earth.  And dangling images in front of a person does nothing to help that person rise above the MIND… which loves to remain attached to people and things [and actually fears the Spirit within Man that the MIND cannot perceive].

So, it is to help the Soul of Man that God forbade the worship of images.   In this respect, Catholicism seems to be working more for Satan than God.  Which deals with ‘ego’ and is covered by the old adage:  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Surely Man is not benefitted by becoming more attached to external ritualism and man-made objects that keep ones attention focused OUTSIDE of oneself?  To worship in Spirit means to withdraw ones attention from outside and re-focus it within to the Spirit of God within oneself. “In Spirit” is inadequately explained to people, at least this is my belief.


Brother James


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