Ancient aliens/Extraterrestrials/ or….. Consider this…

For all those who watch the Nature Channel, or the series ‘Ancient Aliens,’ and  wonder about whether or not there is such a thing as “extraterrestrials…  or beings from ‘outer space’ visiting the Earth… Let us consider another little-known fact that should be considered in light of alien beings.

Part of what I want to share is the little known fact  that there may well be ‘beings’ or some form of alien life visiting Earth from some distant galaxy, since we know little of what this physical universe is, what it consists of, or how extensive it might be?  Another part of what I would share is that we human beings are ourselves composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical.  The other three parts or dimensions of Man are the two dimensions of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension, all three of which are invisible to the physical senses of Man.

I believe the primary reason this is not widely known is that these three dimensions are invisible, and also… the only part of Man that can “see” these three invisible dimensions is the faculty of Intuition of Man [Intuition being that part of the Spiritual dimension of those human beings who are more Enlightened among mankind.

And this means there are two basic types of human beings on Earth.  One type I refer to as the Intelack type [often confined to Intellectualism] and lacking in Consciousness [the ‘lack’ part of Intelack]. That is, the Intelack type person lacks those aspects of an Enlightened person that allows that Enlightened person to “experience” some portion of the Esoteric dimensions of Reality [or the whole range of dimensions which comprise Reality].  And the Enlightened type person on Earth  is a Soul that has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [pronounced “C_etcetera”] and C’etc stands for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  I believe these Virtues eventually combine to form what is called “Wisdom”… at which time a Soul re-joins God in the Purely Spiritual [primordial] existence.

My point is this… in addition to Extraterrestrials from the physical dimension [the size and scope of which we do not know], we might also have visitors from the Astral region of Creation [who have found a means of manifesting in the physical dimension]?  Isn’t that interesting?

In addition, if there are good angels and evil angels in the Bible, and mentioned in other religious texts, and in drawings and sculptures around the world,  then why would it be unreasonable to imagine evil both good and evil exists in those visiting Earth?

Notable examples of advanced Enlightened Souls would be Christ, Buddha, Lao Tsu, and other saints, masters, prophets, and other highly advanced Souls.  They do not talk about Extraterrestrials because their interest is in returning Home to God, and focusing on the topic of Extraterrestrials is of the MIND, whose primary role is in insuring we Souls are held in the illusion of life for as long as it can keep us here.


Brother James


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