What if I said your Soul is part of the Perfecting ‘experiential’ process of Life, and that  Life is the road back to the primordial existence, which we call God?  Would this explain anything about the Purpose of Life, or not?

Would it help your understanding if I said there are two realities going on at the same time, and we are aware of only one of these, and many people deny, ignore, and refuse to believe in the second reality?  Because it is not  obvious,  tangible, and physically demonstrable.

We are familiar with the “illusion of life” which is what the brain can perceive, which is the reality most people believe is the only reality there is… And the other Reality [capital “R” Reality], is the Esoteric, or invisible Reality that only ones faculty of Intuition can experience.   And the terms Reality and Life [capital R and capital L]  point to, or stand for the same thing], which are those elements of Man that exist simultaneously with [but invisible to] the parts of Man with which we are familiar.

In other words, there are three-fourths of oneself that cannot be seen by ones brain or physical senses, and science teaches us that since these [supposed parts of Man] cannot be physically proven to exist, well then… they can’t be all that important.  This point of view is a natural expression of those who unknowingly fear the “unknown” of Life… while rationalizing the superiority of the illusion of life.  And the people who believe and support this rationalization are  people whose  MINDs dominate their thinking and reasoning.  And this MIND-dominated class of people are most generally guided by Intellectualism [or a life sans emotionality].

This then leads us to the fact there are two very different types of people on Earth.  But because we cannot “see” this difference in people by simply looking at a person, we are continually at war with one another.  And neither type realizes what is actually taking place?

We might view this difference as a higher and a lower difference, or an advanced Soul vs a less advanced Soul difference?  I prefer to list the less advanced Soul as an Intelack type person, and the more advanced Soul as the Enlightened type person.  And remember, both types of people look alike, so we cannot differentiate them by simply looking at a person.

To differentiate these two types of people, one must listen to people very carefully, and one must “judge” others by what they say, and what they do… AND NOT BY WHAT THEY LIE ABOUT.

You see, quite unknown to the Intelack type person, the MIND which dominates this person’s thoughts is deviously clever in the deception of Enlightened type people.  The Intelack listens to what the Enlightened person says, and then says the exact same thing… and what allows the Intelack to do this is a lack of Conscience [which is one of the Virtues of Life].  Since the Intelack is a Soul perched upon the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life, the Intelack Soul has not acquired much C’etc, and this means the evil nature of the MIND has its way with the Intelack class individual.

The Purpose of Life is for we Souls to slowly grow and mature [using the ingenious design of the Law of Karma, designed by God] to help us rise above our MINDs, and to increase  our store of Consciousness, or store of Truths, which are stored Within our Spiritual dimensions [or Souls].

The measure of a person is the measure of his or her Soul, and where, upon the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched?


Brother James


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