An interesting bit from new book…

Reincarnation in its true sense simply refers to the fact that every living thing has a Soul, and that all Souls are slowly climbing what I refer to as the Ladder of Life, or LoL. And the way in which a Soul [and the term Soul refers to the Spiritual dimension which is an aspect of the Energy of God] rises up the Ladder of Life by “completing” Karma [discussed in Chapter 3].
Each Soul has as many lifetimes in which to explore, experience and evaluate every life form the Creation has to offer? But we, and I mean all human beings… because we view life in terms of seconds, minutes and hours… and we do not remember our previous births… we tend to be unable to grasp the immense nature of time in the illusion. We believe that the Ice age that killed dinosaurs, wiped out all life.
But what is “life”? Does it even really exist on this physical plane? Or is what many believe life to be just an illusion of life that seems real? How many people do you know who realize there are thousands of Souls in a glass of water?
It blows our minds to imagine, for example, that many of us have had two or more lifetimes in the last thousand years.


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