Compromising Truth? Who does this?…part of my new book

The “truth” is… Truth, like Knowledge, only exists Within oneself.  It does not exist outside of oneself, although those who are not familiar with Truth “think” that it can be acquired from outside oneself.

For people who are normal, there comes a time when what they thought was true… is no longer true, but is suddenly seen as a lesser relative truth. But that person will be unable to convince the others of his or her group of his/her new Truth, because Truth exists ONLY Within oneself. We can share relative truth with others who are willing to compromise what they think is true, because what they believe is true, is only relatively true.  it is not “the”  Truth.

But we cannot share a Truth with just anyone… because when one experiences a Higher Truth, this is experienced via ones faculty of Intuition… and this Truth comes from Within oneself. The only person capable of “hearing” ones Higher Truth is someone Within whom that Higher Truth is also KNOWN. And the real problem is… none of us can explain a Higher Truth in a way that another [who has not as yet awakened to the exact same bit of Truth from Within him/herself… will be able to “hear” or comprehend.

The fact is, each person has a Soul, and ones Soul is perched on a rung of the Ladder of Life [LoL], and the only truths one can KNOW are the relative truths of that particular rung of the LoL.  So, if you awaken to a Higher bit of Truth, all those with whom you have been a part… will subtly begin to shun you, or at least [and perhaps non-consciously] begin to distrust you…because you now radiate a resonance that makes them uncomfortable… because it is unknown to them.

A person on a rung of the LoL below your own rung cannot “hear’ nor “see” [which means experience] your relative Truths.  And the reason is that Truth has nothing at all to do with the brain or intellect, or IQ. Truth must be Intuited, and to do this, the Attn Aspect of ones Apapsyche must leave the physical plane and rise to the Spiritual dimension, where one Intuits a certain  bit of Truth that is active Within oneself, whose time has come for one to awaken to.  And as much as you might want to share this new bit of Truth with others,  the only person who can “hear” you is someone Within whom it is also Known.

And oddly enough, all you need do is say a word or two, and the other person will stop you by saying:  “Yes, I KNOW exactly what you mean.”  And you will Intuitively KNOW that yes, that person does in fact KNOW exactly what you have awakened to from Within yourself.

And for other people, who have not as yet awakened to your new bit of Truth [from Within themselves], there is no way for you to convey to them what you now KNOW.  And yes, this sounds crazy, right? But the fact is Truth is not of the physical dimension, it is Spiritual in Nature, and the closest our brains can come to capturing bits of Truth is to give them abstract words:  Truth, Reality, God, Soul, Intuition, MIND, and so forth.  Now some people “think” they know what these abstract terms mean, but they are delusional in their thinking.  It is their MINDs that are feeding them Delusional Thinking, or D-Think, that causes them to believe they “know” what these terms mean.  Fritz Perls referred to this phenomena as “Scotoma,” or blind spot.

Truth cannot be “taught,” it must be caught, via Empathetic Understanding and ones faculty of Intuition. But to believe this requires a fairly Enlightened individual.  Or someone who is not afraid of the unknown in life.  Fear of the unknown is a normal thing, but it is also non-conscious to people Within whom it is active.  Those caught up in this fear have no idea that it is causing their MINDs to prevent them from realizing that you are trying to explain to them a Higher Truth.  Unfortunately, they are not “ready” to awaken to this Higher Truth, and so, their MINDs will block them from hearing or seeing this Higher Truth.  In the case of people in politics, this is a big problem.

So, people who do not vote for Enlightened people have a [non-conscious] fear of the Truth Enlightened people posses, and this fear is crippling America.  The typical Democrat is an Intelack type personality, and thus non-consciously fears the Truth, or Higher Truths like freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and love of God.  The only person willing to compromise a Higher Truth would be someone who fears Higher Truths, and seeks to impose lower truths which embrace  viewing people as weak, dumb, incapable and fearful of responsibility [a natural  projection] by Intelack people.


Brother James


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