A few Crucial Thoughts about Islam… from my new book

What people are therefore arguing on Earth are relative truths, and again, we form groups and take sides based on the rung of the Ladder of Life [LoL] upon which our Souls reside. And our egos make it virtually impossible for us to believe that our truths might be wrong. Rare is the person who is willing to admit that he or she may be mistaken. This is the relative nature of life in the illusion that most people believe is the only life there is.

Absolute Truth is different, and for some this might appear as obvious, but to others, they might need to argue? There is but one Truth, just like there is but one God. But how many people on Earth claim to worship the only god there is, and will kill anyone who suggests the existence of another god? Such a person [at least for me] is not worshiping “the” one God. How do I know this? Because God is a God of Love… and too, the Energy of God is NSgy, or Neutral Spiritual Energy. NSgy is neither good, nor bad. It is, in point of fact Neutral, which means devoid of argument.

For a person to claim worship of the one God, and to hold any thought of evil action against another person, is clear evidence that such a person is delusional, or insane, or both. It is of course quite possible to do this, since millions are doing this, but it is also TRUE that such people are contemptuous of God. And they WILL find a place in the Lake of Fire, within the next few years. World War III will take place quite soon, and 2.2 billion people will loose their lives. It is reasonable to say that many of these will spend a prolonged time in the Lake of Fire.

The tragedy is this… many people fail to use reason to question the teachings of the religion they follow. And these people fail to realize that to support a religion that teaches hate and evil, is to support the hate and evil oneself.  And there is [unfortunately] no differentiation  of people and the evil they support. All who support evil WILL go to the Lake of Fire.  I would encourage Muslims to reconsider the religion they support.  Let the wise “hear” simple truth.


Brother James


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