Let us Discuss the “Unknown” just a bit…

Have you ever noticed how strange the term “unknown” is?  I mean, what does this term say about the person who uses it?  Did you realize that for some people the terms Soul, God, MIND, Spirituality, and Truth are all unknown?

Perhaps it would be too revealing for a person to say: “I don’t know what you mean, when you say God”?   In a room full of Atheists, it would not place one in an uncomfortable position, but in a room full of Christians, to suggest that one does not know what God is, would make one quite conspicuous.

What I would like to discuss is how the “unknown” is relative to each person.  That is, each person is quite different in what he or she thinks he or she knows.  And let us, at this point, briefly discuss the difference between what one “knows” [as in one’s brain believes something], and what one KNOWS for a certainty… but may not be able to prove it physically?

Oddly enough, even people who are willing to die for what they believe [rather than deny what they KNOW], are unable to prove what they KNOW to anyone else…well, to anyone other than a truly Enlightened individual.  You see, anyone who KNOWs the same Truth from Within him or herself, as that KNOWN by oneself, will “Intuitively” recognize the bit of Truth you are trying to explain.  I refer to this phenomenon as ‘Empathetic Understanding,’ this faculty is a Virtue of Life that Enlightened individuals posses in varying degrees.  We refer to this ability as “Intuition”.  And Intuition is not taught in education, and the current movement of “Common Core” is an attempt by a class of people to further impede both creativity and spontaneity in children.  And I refer to this class of people as Intelack type people, and it is their fear that causes them to try and  cripple Enlightened children by discouraging and punishing bright and sensitive children for the Spiritual insight their Souls have acquired.

And this is just one aspect of the unknown that afflicts so many people.


Brother James


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