Why Does God Test Man ?

This is an unusual bit of writing, and one I am surprised I have not written before.  But this morning, Easter, I was watching TV  [a story about Abraham], and suddenly after all he had gone through [proving his love for God], he is asked to sacrifice his son by his wife Martha.

And suddenly,  it occurred to me the reason we Souls have such a hard time “proving” our love for God?

After 43 years following a Spiritual path, and observing my own seemingly endless battles with the temptations of this Earth, and inherent in being a human being, the reason it takes so long for we Souls to prove ourselves is that we are not proving ourselves… we are actually working through the attachments our Souls have created with the MINDs that each Soul was  given when all Souls entered the Creation.  And this needs a bit of explanation, does it not?

In the West, and with Christianity, and with the nature of being a human being,  our MINDs cause our brains to believe a great many things.  Among these things is the notion that the life we are leading is the only life our Souls have ever experienced.  This is not quite true, but it is not my purpose to argue this point… my purpose is to simply say that the Reality of Life is not quite explained by what most people are taught. And also true is the fact that not all Souls are the same… in terms of what each Soul has experienced…and to what degree a Soul has grown and matured?  In fact, for some Souls, this life is the very first life [as a human being] that Soul has experienced.

You see, we Souls are projections of God, and as such, we are aspects of the Energy of God, which is an Absolute Energy.  And all Souls were projected into the Creation at the exact same time, since this was the fair and proper thing for God to do.

The mystics tell us that when we Souls were projected into the Creation, some Souls did not want to leave God, and other Souls wanted to experience the Creation.  So, God ‘marked’ those Souls that had to leave God in spite of not wanting to leave, so that at some future point [in the life of such Souls], they could, by undergoing a path of “withdrawal from the Creation,” work their way back Home to God.

Now, in the Iron Age of Man, the present Age in which we find ourselves [which is the darkest and most evil of the four Ages of Man], many Souls want to avoid the evil of this Age.  That is only reasonable, is it not?  And so, it is natural for the MINDs of many Souls to feign whatever belief or behavior that promises to reduce the experience of pain and suffering so prevalent in the Iron Age.  But this desire to avoid suffering is not really a desire of one’s Soul to return Home to God, but more  an attempt by the MIND that is attached to one’s Soul to void suffering… which is a reasonable thing to do.

So, how does a Soul know what is motivating its attachment to Christianity?  Well, that is one reason for the “tests” of we Souls.  In addition [or perhaps even more  importantly] is the store of Karma each Soul has accumulated for itself while playing in Creation?  Think of Jacob Marley [in Scrooge] with his iron chains and boxes that kept him tied to Hell?  The testing of we Souls takes many different forms, and poverty is just one form. Anything that “tempts” one to be other than at Peace,  is a test.

Any of these causes one to fail a test:  Anger, bitterness, hatred, greed, envy, resentment, attachment, worry, or fear.

You see, the Soul’s desire to return Home to God is not just loneliness, it must also be a snoot full of the Earth plane of existence and everything it has to offer.  If there is anything [like if Abraham loved his son more than God], then ones Soul is not “ready” to end its exploration of the Earth.  In the end, it is not God who determines whether a Soul begins it’s journey back Home, it is ones own Soul.

In the meantime, the wise Soul will cling to God [irrespective of reason] in this end time of the Iron Age of God, so as to avoid the Lake of Fire… which many,  many millions of Souls will be experience within the next 7 years.  And I believe the time spent in the Lake will be quite long… if not permanent this time?

Peace, and a happy Easter

Bother James


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