One of the ‘secrets’ being discussed in my new book…

How careful we are on the Earth to keep our records private, when everything we do is public knowledge on the Astral region. Just one more thing most people do not realize about the Reality of Life. But perhaps more people should be aware of this… what do you think?
And while I am on this point, let me share this little known fact: At least half of the people in the US believe the Soul only has one lifetime in which to achieve the status of Man, and this is OK, since it makes little difference to the Reality of Life what a person ‘thinks’.
But the fact is… every living thing has a Soul, and that Soul is exactly like your Soul in every respect, except that only in the form of a human being can a Soul find the door to immortality. And by immortality I mean escaping the cycle of birth and death, and returning to the Spiritual dimension forever. Therefore, the Soul of a tree, or a fish, or an animal cannot return Home to God without doing so in the form of a human being.  This makes the human form quite precious.
And one last point while on this specific topic… there is another element of Reincarnation that every Soul [except that Soul that has been initiated by a Perfect Living Master] is subject to, and that element is known as transmigration. And transmigration refers to the Soul being reincarnated in the form of a lower species, if such an incarnation is “warranted” by the actions of that Soul while on Earth?
What this means is that only a foolish Soul acts like an animal, or is ‘beastly’ in its life as a human being. Because where ones thoughts and actions are… is what propels one at the time of reincarnation. By our own thoughts and actions we choose what we become in our next incarnation. A word to the wise is hopefully sufficient in this regard.


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