While on the topic… of Judgement…

But, I also believe that once the Soul has “tasted” the duality of the MIND [by making a commitment to the exploration of the Creation, a choice it must make on its own], it then moves into the realm of the MIND, and thence shares the reasoning power of the MIND which is focused on the choice of good vs evil. In the Bible this is summed up in saying the Soul now knows of the Knowledge of good and evil. It knows this via its Apapsyche, which can experience what the MIND experiences.
Simply stated, to explore the Creation, one must believe that one is a part of the Creation. And if you are on Earth, you have made this commitment, and you are now governed by the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation. And this commitment is a one-way street. One follows it to the end, or one returns to the primordial Energy of Creation… as “nothing”. This is what the term “judgement” in the Bible means, in my opinion.
If a Soul dedicates itself to Satan, or the negative MIND [negative in the sense it is not NSgy], it is judged as rejecting its role as a Soul, and is submerged into the primordial ooze of Absolute nothing. Lights out, and time ceases to exist, as utter darkness becomes ones unaware status. This is death.
The many lifetimes of we Souls are opportunities we are given to reclaim our exalted status, via re-education in various Hells. But if a Soul is dedicated to Satan, termination is the only cure for such a Soul. Eternity as nothin.


Brother James


A bit from my current book: Regarding what’s happening…

In the present Iron Age of Man, we have the additional pressure of a subtle evil [Satan] imposing itself upon any and all vulnerable Souls on Earth. This is the ‘end times’ of the Bible, and what the Mayans warned us about, which they said was the end of the Iron Age of Man. We are currently sliding into this rising tide of evil on Earth. And the length of time this increasing evil will continue to plague Man [I believe] is about 7 to 8 years.
There is no diversion of Man that will cease or even detour this prophesied event. This period of great evil [called in the Bible the Great Tribulation] will play itself out, and it serves two purposes. One is to cleanse the Earth of evil, and secondly, to properly “judge” we Souls as to which shall continue the journey, and which will be dissolved into the primordial matrix of existence? If this seems harsh, well, it is. But in the bigger picture of Reality, it is simply a part of a continual course correction Life takes after many thousands of years.

This is the reason the mystics tell us to give proper time to our meditation on what is Real and Lasting, which is one’s Soul and its relationship to God.


Brother James

How many Christians have put this together…?

I have just recently come across some really interesting data regarding Christianity, Catholicism, the Second Commandment, and John: 4:24.  And, I thought I would share this with those who might have an interest… which should be anyone who is a Catholic… and might be interested in the ‘end times’?

Yesterday, I came across this video: [and I really recommend it for those interested in the ‘end times’ and a fascinating introduction to the Holy Roman Empire]?  Briefly, I am not a student of history [except the history of Psychology] and so, I was not aware that Napoleon sent a General to Rome in 538 AD, to remove the Pope, and to place him in exile.  And this officially was the end of the Papacy, or it was thought to be the end.  With the Papacy in Rome now larger than ever, obviously it was not the end of the reign of the Popes.  Again, the video is enlightening in this regard.

The primary objection many Christians have now, and in the middle ages had… is that the Catholic Pope  is considered to be an alternative to Christ on Earth.  In addition, the Pope and even Priests believe they can “forgive sins”.  Since the “forgiving of sin” is the prerogative of God, this is a bone of contention that is not insignificant.  And this practice also undermines and places in jeopardy the crucial fact that God must be worshiped in Spirit.  Not in ritual, or pomp, or through surrogates… but from WITHIN oneself in Spirit, and in “secret” [in one’s closet, so to speak].

I also just learned that the Catechism taught to children in Catholicism omits the Second Commandment given to Moses:  Which, in part says, Thou shalt not create nor worship craven images… and one can’t help but imagine this to mean the images of Saints, Mary, Christ, rosary, and so forth.  The question a thoughtful person must ask is this:  Why was God so insistent on the Second Commandment?  And I believe the answer is given to us in John 4:24.

John 4:24:  God is a Spirit:  and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Emphasis on Spirit, Him [meaning the Spirit of God], and Truth.  What is Truth?  Although many suggest the Truth cannot be known, the many are in error.  God, as well as being Love, is also Truth.  And if one touches the Spirit of God within oneself, one also touches Truth.

Does the reader realize that the MIND of Man is composed of two energies, neither of which is capable of being perceived by ones brain?  The Lower MIND is composed of the energy of the Astral region of Creation, and the Higher MIND is composed of the energy of the Causal region of Creation.  The mystics tell us the MIND was attached to the Soul to provide the Soul [via the MIND] an experience of duality, or the Yin – Yang aspects of life.

My point in mentioning the MIND is to emphasize the fact that the MIND of Man is responsible for insuring that each Soul fulfill the Purpose of Life, which is to achieve Perfection before returning Home to God.  But, the MIND becomes so attached to the illusion of life [what the Bible calls Mammon], that it develops a conflict with ones Soul, in that the MIND desires to create attachments to the illusion, while the Soul is lonely for God [whether this is consciously known or not]?  So, to worship God, ones Soul must find some way to rise above the MIND, which is naturally drawn to the things of this Earth.  And dangling images in front of a person does nothing to help that person rise above the MIND… which loves to remain attached to people and things [and actually fears the Spirit within Man that the MIND cannot perceive].

So, it is to help the Soul of Man that God forbade the worship of images.   In this respect, Catholicism seems to be working more for Satan than God.  Which deals with ‘ego’ and is covered by the old adage:  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Surely Man is not benefitted by becoming more attached to external ritualism and man-made objects that keep ones attention focused OUTSIDE of oneself?  To worship in Spirit means to withdraw ones attention from outside and re-focus it within to the Spirit of God within oneself. “In Spirit” is inadequately explained to people, at least this is my belief.


Brother James

Ancient aliens/Extraterrestrials/ or….. Consider this…

For all those who watch the Nature Channel, or the series ‘Ancient Aliens,’ and  wonder about whether or not there is such a thing as “extraterrestrials…  or beings from ‘outer space’ visiting the Earth… Let us consider another little-known fact that should be considered in light of alien beings.

Part of what I want to share is the little known fact  that there may well be ‘beings’ or some form of alien life visiting Earth from some distant galaxy, since we know little of what this physical universe is, what it consists of, or how extensive it might be?  Another part of what I would share is that we human beings are ourselves composed of four simultaneously existing vibrational dimensions, only one of which is physical.  The other three parts or dimensions of Man are the two dimensions of the MIND, and the Spiritual dimension, all three of which are invisible to the physical senses of Man.

I believe the primary reason this is not widely known is that these three dimensions are invisible, and also… the only part of Man that can “see” these three invisible dimensions is the faculty of Intuition of Man [Intuition being that part of the Spiritual dimension of those human beings who are more Enlightened among mankind.

And this means there are two basic types of human beings on Earth.  One type I refer to as the Intelack type [often confined to Intellectualism] and lacking in Consciousness [the ‘lack’ part of Intelack]. That is, the Intelack type person lacks those aspects of an Enlightened person that allows that Enlightened person to “experience” some portion of the Esoteric dimensions of Reality [or the whole range of dimensions which comprise Reality].  And the Enlightened type person on Earth  is a Soul that has acquired a substantial amount of C’etc [pronounced “C_etcetera”] and C’etc stands for the Virtues of Life: Conscience, Discretion, Knowledge, Acceptance and Empathetic Understanding.  I believe these Virtues eventually combine to form what is called “Wisdom”… at which time a Soul re-joins God in the Purely Spiritual [primordial] existence.

My point is this… in addition to Extraterrestrials from the physical dimension [the size and scope of which we do not know], we might also have visitors from the Astral region of Creation [who have found a means of manifesting in the physical dimension]?  Isn’t that interesting?

In addition, if there are good angels and evil angels in the Bible, and mentioned in other religious texts, and in drawings and sculptures around the world,  then why would it be unreasonable to imagine evil both good and evil exists in those visiting Earth?

Notable examples of advanced Enlightened Souls would be Christ, Buddha, Lao Tsu, and other saints, masters, prophets, and other highly advanced Souls.  They do not talk about Extraterrestrials because their interest is in returning Home to God, and focusing on the topic of Extraterrestrials is of the MIND, whose primary role is in insuring we Souls are held in the illusion of life for as long as it can keep us here.


Brother James

The Purpose of Life is Not What Most Think it is…

What if I said your Soul is part of the Perfecting ‘experiential’ process of Life, and that  Life is the road back to the primordial existence, which we call God?  Would this explain anything about the Purpose of Life, or not?

Would it help your understanding if I said there are two realities going on at the same time, and we are aware of only one of these, and many people deny, ignore, and refuse to believe in the second reality?  Because it is not  obvious,  tangible, and physically demonstrable.

We are familiar with the “illusion of life” which is what the brain can perceive, which is the reality most people believe is the only reality there is… And the other Reality [capital “R” Reality], is the Esoteric, or invisible Reality that only ones faculty of Intuition can experience.   And the terms Reality and Life [capital R and capital L]  point to, or stand for the same thing], which are those elements of Man that exist simultaneously with [but invisible to] the parts of Man with which we are familiar.

In other words, there are three-fourths of oneself that cannot be seen by ones brain or physical senses, and science teaches us that since these [supposed parts of Man] cannot be physically proven to exist, well then… they can’t be all that important.  This point of view is a natural expression of those who unknowingly fear the “unknown” of Life… while rationalizing the superiority of the illusion of life.  And the people who believe and support this rationalization are  people whose  MINDs dominate their thinking and reasoning.  And this MIND-dominated class of people are most generally guided by Intellectualism [or a life sans emotionality].

This then leads us to the fact there are two very different types of people on Earth.  But because we cannot “see” this difference in people by simply looking at a person, we are continually at war with one another.  And neither type realizes what is actually taking place?

We might view this difference as a higher and a lower difference, or an advanced Soul vs a less advanced Soul difference?  I prefer to list the less advanced Soul as an Intelack type person, and the more advanced Soul as the Enlightened type person.  And remember, both types of people look alike, so we cannot differentiate them by simply looking at a person.

To differentiate these two types of people, one must listen to people very carefully, and one must “judge” others by what they say, and what they do… AND NOT BY WHAT THEY LIE ABOUT.

You see, quite unknown to the Intelack type person, the MIND which dominates this person’s thoughts is deviously clever in the deception of Enlightened type people.  The Intelack listens to what the Enlightened person says, and then says the exact same thing… and what allows the Intelack to do this is a lack of Conscience [which is one of the Virtues of Life].  Since the Intelack is a Soul perched upon the lower rungs of the Ladder of Life, the Intelack Soul has not acquired much C’etc, and this means the evil nature of the MIND has its way with the Intelack class individual.

The Purpose of Life is for we Souls to slowly grow and mature [using the ingenious design of the Law of Karma, designed by God] to help us rise above our MINDs, and to increase  our store of Consciousness, or store of Truths, which are stored Within our Spiritual dimensions [or Souls].

The measure of a person is the measure of his or her Soul, and where, upon the Ladder of Life, ones Soul is perched?


Brother James

An interesting bit from new book…

Reincarnation in its true sense simply refers to the fact that every living thing has a Soul, and that all Souls are slowly climbing what I refer to as the Ladder of Life, or LoL. And the way in which a Soul [and the term Soul refers to the Spiritual dimension which is an aspect of the Energy of God] rises up the Ladder of Life by “completing” Karma [discussed in Chapter 3].
Each Soul has as many lifetimes in which to explore, experience and evaluate every life form the Creation has to offer? But we, and I mean all human beings… because we view life in terms of seconds, minutes and hours… and we do not remember our previous births… we tend to be unable to grasp the immense nature of time in the illusion. We believe that the Ice age that killed dinosaurs, wiped out all life.
But what is “life”? Does it even really exist on this physical plane? Or is what many believe life to be just an illusion of life that seems real? How many people do you know who realize there are thousands of Souls in a glass of water?
It blows our minds to imagine, for example, that many of us have had two or more lifetimes in the last thousand years.

bit from my new book “Anxiety…”

As our anxiety increases, our coping methods increase accordingly. And with the legalization of marijuana, people will now be using this drug to the point where the deterioration of their brain cells will begin to prevent them from remembering who they are or what they are? And the short-sighted people [Intelack type people] whose love of evil overrides their lack of Conscience will have created another huge class of people who are dependent upon others to maintain their useless existence.

If marijuana was readily available in the time of Stalin, he no doubt  would have used it… instead of killing 20 million people who objected to his abuse.