Another bit from my new book:

When people in the world confuse the Spiritual [and invisible] Reality of Life with the physical illusion of the Earth plane that we think is real, and Enlightened people assume that the Intelack person possesses the same C’etc as the Enlightened individual… and can therefore choose between good and evil. This ignorance on the part of the Enlightened people causes them to yield to the insistence of the Intelack to “compromise”. No one can compromise with evil, or the lack of truth [and avoid supporting evil].  We human beings are not naturally given to understand the REALITY OF EITHER-OR in Life. Our MINDs cause us to believe that everything on Earth is “relative”. We just do not realize that “Compromise” means the game of life will ALWAYS go to the Intelack. And it has done so since the beginning of time.
________________This will change after the war of Armageddon, by the way.


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