And the truly sad part of Life is that in the process of being born, the Attn Aspect of the Apapsyche [the Operational Energy of the Soul] drops down into the Higher MIND, where it provides the energy to sustain the thought forms to create the things of its lifetime. In other words, the fact that one is a Soul is lost to us; and the Purpose of Life is lost; and the fact that one’s Soul is an aspect of God is also lost [except to the more Enlightened Souls].
And so, the Enlightened Souls retain their faculties of Intuition until it is beaten out of them by parents, Intelack children, and especially Intelack teachers who fear the spontaneity, creativity, and Knowledge of Enlightened children. If a proper study could be done, many parents would be surprised to discover that a large number of children who are labeled ADD, ADHD, and given other labels, are Enlightened Children whose MINDs have mistaken them as being bad [*note below] which results in many deeply repressed misperceptions which causes their MINDs to believe they are “monsters”. Is it any wonder then that really sensitive children “act” like they are monsters? This is the typical reaction of Intelack people to Enlightened children: That is, to fear them… as evidenced by “Common Core” advocates whose “secret” desire is to CONTROL children and crush creativity in children.

*Note below:  Modern Mental Health “BS&bp” [following the delusional thinking of B.F. Skinner] tends to deny the fact that the MIND contains deeply repressed misperceptions taken-on at the time of ones birth. And thus, BS&bp is at a loss to explain the conflicted behavior of children.

It’s a shame, but fear of the unknown causes people to do some very strange things.


Brother James


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