Even those who are normally confused as part of the way they view life are beginning to sense that what they feared might happen… is suddenly happening, and it is worse that what they imagined it might be.

There are many signs of chaos taking place around the world; and of people being brutalized for simply living the same lives they have lived for decades… thinking they were doing what they were taught to do, and thus, what they were doing was acceptable.  The dark cloud of evil has quietly spread across much of the Middle East… but slowly, even though the scenes and descriptions make what is happening violent, brutal and inhumane. In reality, and thus far… the creeping vapors that invisibly release the vileness within people is moving fairly slowly.  But the creep is relentless, constant, and seemingly unstoppable.

In Revelation it states clearly that many will be killed for simply living lives as Christians.  Their numbers will be large, and they,  since they died as Christians,  will be the first to be raised at the time of  Armageddon. Of course not all Christians are familiar with this fact.  Even those who might have read this, or had this read to them, will not necessarily make a connection with their death tomorrow and the fact their death was mentioned in the Bible.  But for those who do die with a faith in God, do so with the promise that they will be among the first resurrected just prior to the war of Armageddon.

It is their faith that will save not their physical bodies, but their Souls.  It is their simple love of Christ, and God, that allows their deaths to have both purpose and meaning.

This life, regardless how many fail to realize it, is an illusion of life, it is not of Spiritual Truth.  It is not a Reality.  The only part of Man that is Real, that is permanent, is the Soul of Man.  And all the dead that are raised [due to their faith]  will be raised in their Astral bodies, to join Christ in the Heaven, as it is  written in Revelation in the Bible.

I write this for all people, not just those dying daily in the Middle East.  To die in faith, and not be led astray by Satan, has a reward that few can comprehend.  To be raised in the ‘end time’ just before Armageddon, is to join those who have become immortal, and will be with Christ for a thousand years.

Just to be clear on this point, is the reason I write this.


Brother James


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