Thoughts for the thoughtful to ponder….

From his book: The Path of the Masters, Page 231. Dr. Julian Johnson, says the following:

“In a very true sense the universe may be said to be the body of God, but the body of man is not the man. It is only his physical covering. Such an assumption is a very clumsy hypothesis. The body is not the man, yet the body, down to its last cell, is permeated and goverred by the sprit which is the real man. If the spirit is withdrawn from the body, that body   dies at once.  In like manner, if the infinite Essence were withdrawn from the universe, the whole thing would disintegrate.  Just as human bodies die and suffer dissolution, so certain portions of the material universe grow old and dissolve, only to reappear charged with new life and vigor.  This is in every instance due to sprit substance being withdrawn from that portion of creation.  But spirit itself is not subject to any such change.  The soul, like its Creator, is eternal, deathless.

The sum of this discussion is that there is absolute unity in this universe, organic unity and oneness throughout, and there is but one universal Force, creative and all-sustaining, which is never separated from it, nor can  it be separated.  It is an organic whole. If you wish to call this universal Force ‘God’, then you have your monotheism in perfection, absolute and unassailable.  And you have at the same time a monism which recognizes but one substance in the universe, manifesting itself in an endless variety of forms.

There remains but one philosophical difficulty, and that is due to the inability of our minds to see ultimate Reality.  The difficulty lies in our inability to reconcile the doctrine of one substance with the manifest differences which we see to exist between substances…

…But physical science has given us an illustration which may help us to grasp the idea. It has already proved that substances which show very different properties are composed of identical electronic particles, the difference being due to a different arrangement of those particles. This at least may suggest that what is pure spirit at the extreme positive pole of creation may at the negative pole appear to be something quite different — this difference being due to a thinning out of particles and a different arrangement of what is left…

…In no case can it ever be conceived that any one part of this world can be wholly separate from the rest of it.  It is an organic whole.  It is one.”

Address for Dr. Johnson’s book:


Brother James


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