I got up this am a bit early, and using the end of a dream, it occurred to me that we in the West do not know nearly as much as we should about the Law of Karma.

My dream was of a person telling a story about a story he was experiencing in a semi-trance. The story was quite involved, but the gist of the story was the point I’m sharing.  That is,  the person in the story had a wand with which he could tap names listed on a parchment, and these names would be removed.  However, when he did so, he had to take on the Karma of these people [whether the Karma was positive or negative].

My point is that the Law of Karma was designed by God as the perfect means by which the Souls of Creation take responsibility for their own lives.  And the fact that this “process” exists is not properly taught in the West, and certainly not in America.  And the reason it is not taught is that only Enlightened people can accept the reality of this Law.

The basic principle of the Law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap.  And for those who are really interested you can read more HERE.

Put another way, those people who tend to be egotists, or people who argue against insight, Intuition, Empathy, etc., are people who fail to realize they fear the unknown in life, and within themselves.  I refer to such people as Intelack class personalities. Intelack =[Intellectualism plus “lack of Spiritual Evolution”], or a person whose Soul lacks sufficient Consciousness to enable it to resist the negative desires of his or her MIND.

The genius of God in Creating the Law of Karma is that each Soul is personally responsible for its own thoughts and actions.  It is the MIND  [which is invisible Within Man], and the MIND is the local administrator of ones Karma.

If one reads the Bible, it is filled with the concept of the Law of Karma, but the term itself was removed from the scriptures in the Fifth Century by Justinian and Theodora, so that they could canonize themselves.

I write this only as a reminder that each Soul is truly responsible for its own thoughts and actions, and if more people followed this basic precept, the nation would be quite different.


Brother James


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