Implant into hand/arm = Mark of the Beast? Plus

Every Christian knows about the “mark of the Beast,” or at east thinks he or she knows what it means…

In Irvin Baster’s latest video, about the coming ‘Great Tribulation,’ which is 3-5 years ahead, he speaks of the government requiring  an implant to be placed in the hand or arm of every person.

Scientists and those whose heads are into money are giddy about the prospect.  The government, for the unparalleled level of CONTROL of the population they would have, and banks, whose Intelack bosses think only of preventing identity theft [huge mistake], and of course science who thinks that cloning people is a good idea.

What struck me is the ease that criminals will have in simply cutting of the hands or arms of people and then using their implants to withdraw all the funds of the victims, all done by machines. The only thing implants will do is to make crime more deadly.

Can’t you see a criminal group arriving at the large home of a family in the early morning, tying up everyone except the rich man or woman of the place, and then using their implant reader, and forcing the words or numbers from the victim, using their implant reader to transfer all the people’s funds to  an account that will be closed minutes afterward. Then they just zap everyone and off they go.

Technology is fine, if used with common sense… and by keeping evil people in mind.  Aside from losing ones freedom and liberty by becoming a number to the government… are we citizens not already so removed from the resources of government that many are suffering from the government’s lack of responsibility?  Think of the Veterans & their need for medical service.  Veterans are now just numbers to government, they are no longer people.

How much could a person purchase using the implant they just dug out of another person, before anyone discovered the dead body of the person now missing a hand?   Think of the increased crime committed by hackers now, and multiply that by thousands, and the threat of implants takes on a very different perspective, does it not?  The further we are removed from personal interchange,the easier crime by Intelack people becomes. The whole reason for supervision of employees is to mitigate against the natural  evil desires of people.

The Intelack [evil person’s need] for CONTROL rules his/her thoughts and desires so much that he/she must be “forced” to restrain from evil acts. In government this supervision is less and less.  Once the restraints are removed, the desire of doing evil only increases.  And machines being used as supervisors… can only increase the opportunity of the Intelack  person to take advantage of a lack of human intervention.

For both the Anti-christ abuse of marking us like beasts [for Control], and the Intelack need to engage in evil in secret, the idea of inserting microchips into human beings is a bad idea that should be resisted by all means possible.


Brother James


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