What is Death, and then What?

Every religion has its own view of death, and what happens after death.  So, I thought it would be helpful to suggest that since there are different types of people, different languages, and different religions, and all of these things are occurring simultaneously… Death is a bit different.

The life we know has many aspects that run parallel to one another,  but do parallel lines ever converge?  As the Bible states, “In my Father’s House are many mansions,” but how do these work as part of a Spiritual “whole”?

When I seek authority  on things Spiritual, or on the elements of the invisible dimensions of Reality,  I refer to the authority of Dr. Julian Johnson, and his book:  The Path of the Masters.

Dr. Johnson states: “In spite of the general ignorance on the subject, the Masters know what death means, and they are ready to impart their knowledge to all who will listen to them…”

Earlier Dr. Johnson quoted Plutarch [‘At the moment of death the soul experiences the same impressions, passes through the same processes as those who are initiated into the Great Mysteries’],  and Dr, Johnson said this after first saying that some Spiritually advanced Souls “…can solve once and for all the most serious problem which has ever confronted the human being — the problem of death and what lies beyond it”.

Dr. Johnson then continues: ” Now, after death what happens? Where do we go and what happens to us?  To answer this question, we have divided mankind into four distinct classes or groups:  and the reason is that each of these groups meets with a different sort of experience after death”.

The following are excerpts from two of  the four groups Dr. Johnson lays out for us.

“[1] The first class includes all who have no Master, or Sat Guru. This, of course, takes in the great bulk of mankind.  All of these are obliged to meet the emergencies of death unsupported, unescorted, absolutely alone and helpless under the law of their own karma.  They are now to receive payment in full for what they have earned in their life just finished.  Of them the messengers of death ask not when they shall come, neither do they listen to their cries of distress.  They operate under the orders of their master, the Negative Power, whose duty is to administer absolute justice with no favoritism.  As we all know, this class includes the vast majority of mankind.  No matter to what religion they may belong, no difference between king or peasant, no matter how good or how bad, all alike must face the ‘the dark angel’ and follow where he leads…”

“Let no one imagine that his Lord of some past age will come to his relief at the moment of death.  It is not so. His religion and the founder of that religion will do him but little good when he faces the Dharam Rai of that court to which he must go. Than summons he must answer and there he must appear in person to answer the stern demands of the law –the law of karmic justice…

“This accounting is not postponed until some future time when all mankind are called up and judged. Each one is judged immediately after death.  there is no such thing as a general ‘judgement day’. Every man’s judgement day comes immediately after his death.  The court is always in session, and before that judge there will be no ‘attorney for the defense’.  Each one is judged according to his own record, and the sentence is pronounced in strict accord with justice.  But it is a justice in which there is no mercy or clemency of the court.  From that sentence there is no appeal and no release on probation.  If a person has been very bad, living a selfish life, indulging his evil passions, his sentence will send him to some region of remedial and disciplinary punishment.”

“This sentence is not final, like that of the orthodox hells.  It is intended to purge that soul of his evil mind.  He himself will know and fully approve of his own sentence, for he will know that it is exactly what he has earned.  When the period of his discipline expires–which may be years, a century or a thousand years — he has another chance to make good.  He returns to earthly life for another birth and another chance to create for himself better karma.  The deep impressions of his bitter experiences will be retained, and he will bring them with him into the new life although he may not actually remember the details of it.
Automatically he will then shun those paths of evil which formerly brought him to grief.  In the next life, he is then sure to have a better record.”

“If one has lived a better life, he will be sent to a better environment, to some sort of paradise where he may enjoy the good environment he has earned, there to rest and recuperate, so to speak, until the time arrives for him to return to earthly life once more. But in each and every case, one receives exactly what he has earned and in each case he must sooner or later return to be born once more on this or some other earth.  If one has lived a very exalted and noble life, he earns thereby the privilege of a long sojourn in some region of pure delight, there to await his eventual return to earth.  He may thus enjoy a thousand or a million years in some heaven; but as certainly as time rolls on, he must finally return to earthly life after his earnings have been spent.  Thus each and every one must tread the wheel of birth and death, age after age, until his good karma eventually brings him to a living Master.”

“[2] The second class are they who have had the initiation from a living Master, but who have done but little or nothing in the way of spiritual exercises.  A few may have actually indulged their passions in unworthy conduct. As a result, they have made no progress on the Path. Yet they have a Master.  What happens to them after death?   In what respect do their experiences differ from the common lot of mankind?  There is a very important difference.  The Master meets them at death or a little before. That is, he makes himself visible to them and he notifies them that their time is up.  They must go.  They respond with joy. At least we have never known or heard of one who was not glad to go with the Master at the time of their departure, and that without hesitation.  They fear nothing, have no regrets at having to leave their families or the world.”

“No matter if they live ten thousand miles from the Master in the body, he is there in a form visible to them, to receive them and go with them.  He comes to them in his Radiant Form, the Astral . As soon as they leave the physical body, the Master himself takes them to that region or locality which they have earned. There he places them in a sort of training school where they make good progress under his directions.  If they have done very wrong, the Master himself administers whatever punishment or discipline he may deem necessary.  They then continue in their training school until the time comes when they are fit to go higher.  But in no case does any disciple of a true Master ever go before the king-judge, nor does the black angel of death ever approach him at the time of death…”

_______________ End of quotations from Dr. Johnson.

The other two groups or classes are known to those who are part of these groups, so we need not be concerned with these classes.

http:about-psychology.com/Bib.html is the URL for his book, and the address for obtaining his book.


I have presented this information to the few who will read it, to help prepare them for what is coming.  Not to frighten anyone, but merely to awaken people to the reality of death, and what happens after ones death.  Each religion has its own thoughts and ideas regarding death, resurrection, etc. Many religions parallel what I have  shared with the reader, and some religions have misunderstood death and the process of death.  I leave it to each  individual to determine what to “believe”? The Truth has a knack of attracting the Truth to itself from Within people, subtly altering their beliefs in mid-sentence.


Brother James



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