Another bit from my new book:

When people in the world confuse the Spiritual [and invisible] Reality of Life with the physical illusion of the Earth plane that we think is real, and Enlightened people assume that the Intelack person possesses the same C’etc as the Enlightened individual… and can therefore choose between good and evil. This ignorance on the part of the Enlightened people causes them to yield to the insistence of the Intelack to “compromise”. No one can compromise with evil, or the lack of truth [and avoid supporting evil].  We human beings are not naturally given to understand the REALITY OF EITHER-OR in Life. Our MINDs cause us to believe that everything on Earth is “relative”. We just do not realize that “Compromise” means the game of life will ALWAYS go to the Intelack. And it has done so since the beginning of time.
________________This will change after the war of Armageddon, by the way.


A Thought from new book…

And the truly sad part of Life is that in the process of being born, the Attn Aspect of the Apapsyche [the Operational Energy of the Soul] drops down into the Higher MIND, where it provides the energy to sustain the thought forms to create the things of its lifetime. In other words, the fact that one is a Soul is lost to us; and the Purpose of Life is lost; and the fact that one’s Soul is an aspect of God is also lost [except to the more Enlightened Souls].
And so, the Enlightened Souls retain their faculties of Intuition until it is beaten out of them by parents, Intelack children, and especially Intelack teachers who fear the spontaneity, creativity, and Knowledge of Enlightened children. If a proper study could be done, many parents would be surprised to discover that a large number of children who are labeled ADD, ADHD, and given other labels, are Enlightened Children whose MINDs have mistaken them as being bad [*note below] which results in many deeply repressed misperceptions which causes their MINDs to believe they are “monsters”. Is it any wonder then that really sensitive children “act” like they are monsters? This is the typical reaction of Intelack people to Enlightened children: That is, to fear them… as evidenced by “Common Core” advocates whose “secret” desire is to CONTROL children and crush creativity in children.

*Note below:  Modern Mental Health “BS&bp” [following the delusional thinking of B.F. Skinner] tends to deny the fact that the MIND contains deeply repressed misperceptions taken-on at the time of ones birth. And thus, BS&bp is at a loss to explain the conflicted behavior of children.

It’s a shame, but fear of the unknown causes people to do some very strange things.


Brother James

The Illusion vs Reality & Our Need for Clarity…

Even those who are normally confused as part of the way they view life are beginning to sense that what they feared might happen… is suddenly happening, and it is worse that what they imagined it might be.

There are many signs of chaos taking place around the world; and of people being brutalized for simply living the same lives they have lived for decades… thinking they were doing what they were taught to do, and thus, what they were doing was acceptable.  The dark cloud of evil has quietly spread across much of the Middle East… but slowly, even though the scenes and descriptions make what is happening violent, brutal and inhumane. In reality, and thus far… the creeping vapors that invisibly release the vileness within people is moving fairly slowly.  But the creep is relentless, constant, and seemingly unstoppable.

In Revelation it states clearly that many will be killed for simply living lives as Christians.  Their numbers will be large, and they,  since they died as Christians,  will be the first to be raised at the time of  Armageddon. Of course not all Christians are familiar with this fact.  Even those who might have read this, or had this read to them, will not necessarily make a connection with their death tomorrow and the fact their death was mentioned in the Bible.  But for those who do die with a faith in God, do so with the promise that they will be among the first resurrected just prior to the war of Armageddon.

It is their faith that will save not their physical bodies, but their Souls.  It is their simple love of Christ, and God, that allows their deaths to have both purpose and meaning.

This life, regardless how many fail to realize it, is an illusion of life, it is not of Spiritual Truth.  It is not a Reality.  The only part of Man that is Real, that is permanent, is the Soul of Man.  And all the dead that are raised [due to their faith]  will be raised in their Astral bodies, to join Christ in the Heaven, as it is  written in Revelation in the Bible.

I write this for all people, not just those dying daily in the Middle East.  To die in faith, and not be led astray by Satan, has a reward that few can comprehend.  To be raised in the ‘end time’ just before Armageddon, is to join those who have become immortal, and will be with Christ for a thousand years.

Just to be clear on this point, is the reason I write this.


Brother James

Thoughts for the thoughtful to ponder….

From his book: The Path of the Masters, Page 231. Dr. Julian Johnson, says the following:

“In a very true sense the universe may be said to be the body of God, but the body of man is not the man. It is only his physical covering. Such an assumption is a very clumsy hypothesis. The body is not the man, yet the body, down to its last cell, is permeated and goverred by the sprit which is the real man. If the spirit is withdrawn from the body, that body   dies at once.  In like manner, if the infinite Essence were withdrawn from the universe, the whole thing would disintegrate.  Just as human bodies die and suffer dissolution, so certain portions of the material universe grow old and dissolve, only to reappear charged with new life and vigor.  This is in every instance due to sprit substance being withdrawn from that portion of creation.  But spirit itself is not subject to any such change.  The soul, like its Creator, is eternal, deathless.

The sum of this discussion is that there is absolute unity in this universe, organic unity and oneness throughout, and there is but one universal Force, creative and all-sustaining, which is never separated from it, nor can  it be separated.  It is an organic whole. If you wish to call this universal Force ‘God’, then you have your monotheism in perfection, absolute and unassailable.  And you have at the same time a monism which recognizes but one substance in the universe, manifesting itself in an endless variety of forms.

There remains but one philosophical difficulty, and that is due to the inability of our minds to see ultimate Reality.  The difficulty lies in our inability to reconcile the doctrine of one substance with the manifest differences which we see to exist between substances…

…But physical science has given us an illustration which may help us to grasp the idea. It has already proved that substances which show very different properties are composed of identical electronic particles, the difference being due to a different arrangement of those particles. This at least may suggest that what is pure spirit at the extreme positive pole of creation may at the negative pole appear to be something quite different — this difference being due to a thinning out of particles and a different arrangement of what is left…

…In no case can it ever be conceived that any one part of this world can be wholly separate from the rest of it.  It is an organic whole.  It is one.”

Address for Dr. Johnson’s book:


Brother James

Quick Review of Law of Karma…

I got up this am a bit early, and using the end of a dream, it occurred to me that we in the West do not know nearly as much as we should about the Law of Karma.

My dream was of a person telling a story about a story he was experiencing in a semi-trance. The story was quite involved, but the gist of the story was the point I’m sharing.  That is,  the person in the story had a wand with which he could tap names listed on a parchment, and these names would be removed.  However, when he did so, he had to take on the Karma of these people [whether the Karma was positive or negative].

My point is that the Law of Karma was designed by God as the perfect means by which the Souls of Creation take responsibility for their own lives.  And the fact that this “process” exists is not properly taught in the West, and certainly not in America.  And the reason it is not taught is that only Enlightened people can accept the reality of this Law.

The basic principle of the Law of Karma is this:  As you sow, so shall you reap.  And for those who are really interested you can read more HERE.

Put another way, those people who tend to be egotists, or people who argue against insight, Intuition, Empathy, etc., are people who fail to realize they fear the unknown in life, and within themselves.  I refer to such people as Intelack class personalities. Intelack =[Intellectualism plus “lack of Spiritual Evolution”], or a person whose Soul lacks sufficient Consciousness to enable it to resist the negative desires of his or her MIND.

The genius of God in Creating the Law of Karma is that each Soul is personally responsible for its own thoughts and actions.  It is the MIND  [which is invisible Within Man], and the MIND is the local administrator of ones Karma.

If one reads the Bible, it is filled with the concept of the Law of Karma, but the term itself was removed from the scriptures in the Fifth Century by Justinian and Theodora, so that they could canonize themselves.

I write this only as a reminder that each Soul is truly responsible for its own thoughts and actions, and if more people followed this basic precept, the nation would be quite different.


Brother James

Implant into hand/arm = Mark of the Beast? Plus

Every Christian knows about the “mark of the Beast,” or at east thinks he or she knows what it means…

In Irvin Baster’s latest video, about the coming ‘Great Tribulation,’ which is 3-5 years ahead, he speaks of the government requiring  an implant to be placed in the hand or arm of every person.

Scientists and those whose heads are into money are giddy about the prospect.  The government, for the unparalleled level of CONTROL of the population they would have, and banks, whose Intelack bosses think only of preventing identity theft [huge mistake], and of course science who thinks that cloning people is a good idea.

What struck me is the ease that criminals will have in simply cutting of the hands or arms of people and then using their implants to withdraw all the funds of the victims, all done by machines. The only thing implants will do is to make crime more deadly.

Can’t you see a criminal group arriving at the large home of a family in the early morning, tying up everyone except the rich man or woman of the place, and then using their implant reader, and forcing the words or numbers from the victim, using their implant reader to transfer all the people’s funds to  an account that will be closed minutes afterward. Then they just zap everyone and off they go.

Technology is fine, if used with common sense… and by keeping evil people in mind.  Aside from losing ones freedom and liberty by becoming a number to the government… are we citizens not already so removed from the resources of government that many are suffering from the government’s lack of responsibility?  Think of the Veterans & their need for medical service.  Veterans are now just numbers to government, they are no longer people.

How much could a person purchase using the implant they just dug out of another person, before anyone discovered the dead body of the person now missing a hand?   Think of the increased crime committed by hackers now, and multiply that by thousands, and the threat of implants takes on a very different perspective, does it not?  The further we are removed from personal interchange,the easier crime by Intelack people becomes. The whole reason for supervision of employees is to mitigate against the natural  evil desires of people.

The Intelack [evil person’s need] for CONTROL rules his/her thoughts and desires so much that he/she must be “forced” to restrain from evil acts. In government this supervision is less and less.  Once the restraints are removed, the desire of doing evil only increases.  And machines being used as supervisors… can only increase the opportunity of the Intelack  person to take advantage of a lack of human intervention.

For both the Anti-christ abuse of marking us like beasts [for Control], and the Intelack need to engage in evil in secret, the idea of inserting microchips into human beings is a bad idea that should be resisted by all means possible.


Brother James