The Democrat Politician… Little Known Secrets

To begin my story, what I’m about to explain is a secret that hardly anyone knows.  And to divulge this secret, I must take the reader into the “mental” condition of the Democrat.  And it is the mental state of a person that causes that person to be vulnerable to the thoughts and actions we identify as those of the Democrat.

Yesterday, I watched on C-Span the floor debates taking place in the House, as Conservatives and Democrats spoke out about the fact Democrats and Republicans in both the House and the Senate were struggling over the huge amount of money being considered for the Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, and whether it was OK for Mr. Johnson, the person Obama placed in charge of DHS, to spend the money of DHS to give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens President Obama had invited to enter America illegally by his Executive Amnesty?

Although the conflict between the Democrats and the Republicans was strictly about this unconstitutional misuse of taxes in support of the illegal action by the President, which a judge has ruled unconstitutional… the Democrat members of Congress never mentioned what the conflict was about. And I found this quite peculiar.  Not unexpected, but peculiar.

It suddenly dawned on me as I carefully watched one Democrat after another stand up and speak about things that had nothing at all to do with the illegal action of the President [the primary reason for the debate], I realized that perhaps not everyone could “see” what I saw?  Not everyone could observe  that each Democrat stood in a room with an Elephant, and not one of the Democrats seemed capable of  acknowledging the existence of the Elephant.

The “Elephant” being the unconstitutional action by the President, which the court has identified as an illegal overreach of the President’s authority.  If the Democrats could somehow force the Republicans to vote billions of dollars to Mr. Johnson, he could then quickly give citizenship to millions of illegal aliens [committing all Americans to paying for the illegal aliens for the whole of their lives] costing the tax payers billions or even trillions of  dollars — [and creating what could be the destructive end of our Constitutional form of Government].

My question to you is this:  Do you know the reason the Democrats in both the House and the Senate could not “see” the Elephant in their midst?

Believe it or not… some people are unable to “see” evil.  And this FACT is not widely known, unfortunately.

Titus, 1:15.  Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.  

So, the Axiom:  Evil loves evil… is supported in the Scriptures.  The Intelack  personality lacks Conscience, and is therefore unable to “see” the evil of the world.  For the Democrat, in other words, the evil intentions of Obama are not “seen” by the Democrat, and it is the MIND of the Democrat that argues irrelevant points not to achieve clarity, but to mask what their MINDs fear, which is Truth.

_________The fact is, each human being views life in one of two ways.  One either “thinks” about life, and the issues of life by use of the brain and thinking… which makes one vulnerable to the MIND and what I call Delusional Thinking, or D-Think  [which is what the Democrat does — and I will explain this shortly].  The alternative is that some people view life using the faculty of Intuition [which requires one to have access to the Virtue of Discretion] which means Conscience.____________

This blog does not allow the pages and pages of Esoteric study demanded for a person to discover and comprehend how the invisible MIND works Within Man.  Even those trained in modern “psychology” are not trained in the Esoteric operations of the MIND.  So, much of what I’m about to share must be taken on “faith,” or for those capable of accessing your Conscience use your Intuition to realize the truth of what I am writing.

Modern mental health began in the early 1900’s, when a bright Intelack type personality named B.F. Skinner, trained as a behavioral scientist [use of Intellectualism and a denial of the Esoteric dimensions of Man], successfully talked those in the field of Psychology at the time into allowing  his study of the behavior of animals to be a part of the field of Psychology.  This slight-of-hand by Skinner was his deviously clever attempt to encourage Psychology to deny and ignore the Elephant represented by the whole of Man, which the ancient Greeks  presented as Psychology over 2,000 years ago.

That began the death of the Esoteric aspects [study of the non-physical operations of Man] that was Psychology, and began an introduction of a one-dimensional study of Man based on the brain and physical senses [or Intellectualism] which replaced ancient Psychology with the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”.  This denial of the whole of Man [especially the Spiritual dimension of Man] has increased since the early 1900’s.

This subtle transfer of the Intellectualism of science, education, and socio-economic aspects of Earth into tangible “thinking” was dedicated to erasing the appreciation that Man is more than just a physical body, and worked to “fix” within the MINDs of Man the belief that Man is a physical aspect object ONLY.  This went unseen as a subtle denial of God, as Man was encouraged by the Intelack class of people [via science, education, and politics] to let go of worshiping the unknown Spirituality of God, and to instead begin worshiping the tangible, physical and manipulatable dimension in which Man was being emmersed; which is what the MIND of Man prefers .

James, 4:7.  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The effectiveness  of diverting Man from the invisibility of Spirituality to the tangible of the physical plane is perhaps best exampled by Catholicism  in the West.  Human beings subtly replacing the invisibility of God [and Spirituality] with objects, symbols, and idols that “fit” the demands of the MIND of Man and its love of ritual.

God is Within, the Scriptures say. And the brain is a tool of the MIND, I say, and I also suggest that Truth comes from God, not from Man, the Earth, or from any other source other than God.  So that person who depends upon thinking and the physical senses to pursue truth will not find it.

If the reader would comprehend the reason the Democrat is unable to “see” the truth [or the Elephant of lawlessness of President Obama], it is because the Soul of the Democrat [Intelack personality] lacks Conscience.

Alas, it is not for Man to increase the Conscience of the Democrat by speech, persuasion, or even factual presentation.  It is the Soul of the Democrat that must do as James suggests in 4:7. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

It is our misfortune to be in the ‘end times’ of this Age of Man. And evil is rampant amongst Mankind. We can attempt to resist evil, but our chances of doing so are, at best, overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people serving evil in this Age.


Brother James


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