Nothing + Nothing = Truth [blog 3 of a series]

In my blog # 2, I said I would like to introduce, explain, and talk about the concept of Neutral Spiritual Energy, or “NSgy”.  This concept is an extraordinary revelation, at least it was revealed to me, and the nature of this concept [and the sharing of this concept] is perhaps one of the reasons I am on Earth?  In any case, I have not run across this concept anywhere else over the last decade.

Let us begin with a little task.  Since you quite likely believe you know what the term “neutral” means… would you please take a couple minutes,  and try to come up with something  that you believe is neutral?

How did you do?  I tried this many years ago, and I was surprised when I could not think of anything that was “neutral”?  I thought of a rock, but then rocks are disintegrating continually, even though the deterioration it is so slow, we do not notice it.  The more I thought about this challenge, the more the idea of “Neutral” seemed quite peculiar?


not helping or supporting either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartial.
“during the Second World War, Portugal was neutral”
synonyms: impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, objective, equitable, open-minded, nonpartisan, disinterested, dispassionate, detached, impersonal, unemotional, indifferent, uncommitted
antonyms: biased, partisan, combatant
belonging to an impartial party, country, or group.
“on neutral ground”
having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features.
“the tone was neutral, devoid of sentiment”
synonyms: inoffensive, bland, unobjectionable, unexceptionable, anodyne, unremarkable, ordinary, commonplace; More


Please note these definitions largely point to, or revolve around the behavior, attitude or characteristics of a person. Should we remind the dictionary writers that what they are describing are reactions of a person, and thus we are led to believe that “neutral” is the absence of something:  My question is this, what is that something that is not being done, acted out, displayed, or whose composition we are not observing?   Or do they suggest that “neutral” is merely a name for the absence of something?

In which case neutral doesn’t really exist, in and of itself, but is merely a name for other than what we are observing.   Does this in any way tell you what “neutral” is?  Almost like the term “nothing” isn’t it?  I was unable to find anything I could label as “neutral”.

_________________  So, you see, when I Intuited the words Neutral Spiritual Energy, I was  doodling on a piece of paper, in a state of watching my pencil making marks on that piece of paper, and I was surprised when I suddenly wrote these terms down. I was in some kind of trance [often referred to as the MIND wandering, I believe]. But in hindsight, I realize the Attention aspect of my Apapsyche had subtly shifted into my Astral body, and my faculty of Intuition was open, and I Intuited these terms from my Apapsyche… as part of my own store of Knowledge.   And my brain wrote these terms down. And… no, the reader is not expected to know what I just wrote —  Since what I just wrote is what takes place Within people who are capable of accessing bits of truth from Within themselves, via their faculty of Intuition [which is a part of ones Apapsyche].

In other words, there are a number of terms or symbols I have coined over the years to label Esoteric phenomena that operate Within Man, but which are composed of energies that the brain cannot perceive.  These phenomena are often referred to as “psychic,” “Intuition,” “Empathy,” or “Empathetic Understanding”.  And certain Enlightened individuals can awaken to these [when the need to do so arises]?

The reader can either believe me, or not… since I have long ago moved past caring whether anyone believes me or not?  I KNOW what I KNOW and those who are open to their Intuition grasp what I share, and those who are not,  do not.  That’s just the way of Life.

For some months prior to this event, I had been struggling to complete my work on a new Esoteric Psychology that united all four dimensions of the whole of Man:  The Spiritual dimension, the Higher MIND dimension, the Lower MIND dimension, and the physical dimension.  It seemed to me that I was lacking something to enable me to bring these separate dimensions together into an understandable whole.

In a few days, I suddenly began to Intuitively awaken to bits and pieces of a “fleshing out’ of the terms Neutral Spiritual Energy.   One such Intuition was the concept that the Energy of God is Neutral Spiritual Energy. And the  “where-with-all” to comprehend what this concept meant came to me as Intuited bits of insight which seemed to “connect” with things I seemed to know, but had not realized these things in the way I was now viewing them, and new bits of Knowledge that “fit” these bits of insight, forming a whole… which was the full nature of these three terms.

In other words, I came to realize that the primordial Energy of God was NSgy, and that NSgy was also an Energy that is an Absolute Energy, and that it cannot be other than it is, ever.  As hours and days passed, I also came to realize that NSgy was also the home of all absolutes: Truth, Honesty, Goodness, Reality, and so forth.

As part of this “growth” period of myself, I also came to realize the reason philosophy had never discovered the Truth,  is that Truth can ONLY be KNOWN while ones Attn Aspect of Apapsyche is fixed Within ones Apapsyche.  That is, each bit of Truth ones Soul has earned [over many Lifetimes] is held Within ones Apapsyche… Until it is time for one to wake up to a particular “concept” of Truth.

Intuition comes to us in the form of a “concept,’ which has Within itself all the tangential elements that define and explain the whole of that concept.  However, it may take a person some time to integrate an Intuited concept [or sense of KNOWING the whole of the concept] into ones Conscious Awareness.

In other words, the reason some people [Enlightened  type people] can “hear” what a person is saying… and other people [Intelack type people] cannot “hear” what a person is saying… is that the Enlightened person is open to his/her Intuition… while the Intelack type person is not open to his/her Intuition, and thus, not open to higher levels of Truth.

None of us, in other words, can get ahead of the Spiritual Evolution of our Souls. If ones Soul has not acquired a certain level of C’etc, then there is simply a lack of that Knowledge Within ones Soul to be awakened, and thus, little need for a high level of Intuition.  Enlightenment is not a gift one receives… it is a faculty that ones Soul must “EARN”.  Most scriptures phrase it thusly:  Ones Soul puts in effort, and is then rewarded with [Graced by] a reward for such effort.  God will not be mocked, is a phrase I often use… because it is True.

It is not the brain or the ears of an Enlightened type person that awakens to the mystical messages of another Enlightened person, it is the Intuition of the Enlightened person that is enabled to awaken to the “Word,” or subtle vibrational Truths,  invisibly conveyed from one Enlightened person to another.  It is a KNOWING that Enlightened people share with one another, and this KNOWING is what allowed Daniel to go into the Lion’s den, and possessing no fear, reemerge unharmed.

This KNOWING is the FAITH that allows lovers of God to be murdered, and not experience death. They instantly awaken in a place in the Astral region, where they await the call for their resurrection in the ‘end times’.

And no, there is no possible way for an Intelack class individual to discover what Enlightened people KNOW from Within themselves.

The concept of Neutral Spiritual Energy was the “keystone” of my structure for the Psychology of the Whole Human Being.  The concept of NSgy gave me the opportunity to step outside of myself [so to speak], and to view the Psychology of Man as an entirely interactive and operational whole… but to do this, I had to accept the fact that 3/4ths of the whole of Man could not be seen, studied, nor known by my brain or my physical senses.

This meant that as the subject of psychology was currently being taught, it would not be possible for the field to teach, nor even practice, the Esoteric Psychology of the ancient Greeks who gave us the term Psychology.  And the term Psychology itself suddenly made perfect sense because the prefix “psyche” of Psychology is defined in the Greek as “Self, Soul, and Mind” —  All invisible  dimensions of Man.

Self, Soul and MIND are terms that refer to the invisible, or Esoteric dimensions of the WHOLE of Man.  And likewise, it was clear to me that what is called “modern mental health” has nothing to do with the Psychology of Man, but rather focuses itself on the behavior of Man, and this means that what I refer to as “BS&bp” [Behavioral Science and the oxymoron “behavioral psychology”] focuses on the symptom physical residue of the Psychology of Man.  BS&bp is like looking at a stream, and trying to imagine or speculate upon where that stream might have originated by looking at what lies before oneself?

I have spent the last decade trying to encourage interest in what I discovered.  Alas, I quickly found that the reason BS&bp confines itself to the physically obvious behavior of Man is that most people are simply not “ready” to study the invisible dimensions of Man. And this also includes those being trained in BS&bp.


So, when the scriptures of all ancient texts say that God projected a stepped-down Energy into the void to initiate Creation, that is what God did.  But this was many thousands of years ago. And human beings developed over a considerable time.  No easier then for scholars to describe this phenomena… than it is for them to do so today.  Just ego and imagination of Intellectualism leaves much “unknown”  to fill the gap between illusion and Reality.


Brother James


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