Nothing + Nothing = Truth [blog 2 in a series]

Allow me to share what was shared with me this morning in my meditation. Let me share the reason the evil of Islamic Extremism will never defeat the Intangible Truth of what America stands for…

“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”  However, “self-evident” only to an Enlightened Soul.  To the unenlightened Soul, the truths that ARE America remain “abstract,” intangible, and a mystery that is constantly misconstrued by people who look at the tangible symptoms  that America creates… and mistakes these for what America is.

You see, the built-into failure of Islam is the MIND of Man, which was attached to each Soul as all Souls entered the Creation to enable each Soul to explore and experience a Creation which the Earth plane presents as tangible, and thus capable of being “experienced by our physical senses”;  but the Creation is at the same time… an illusion that seems real.  And for many, this appearance of reality is all they can “see,” and think about.   As Christ is mystically quoted in the Bible as saying:  The masses can neither “see”  nor “hear” what his disciples could both “see” and “hear,’ which are elements of Truth… which can ONLY be KNOWN by the Intuition of Man, and Intuition is an aspect of the Spiritual dimension of Man.   Intuition is entirely separate from the brain and the MIND of Man.

The MIND of Man is composed of  “emotional energy” and this allows the MIND  to cause a person to “experience” a subtle form of energy that is not physical, not tangible, and therefore [different from ones usual experience].   And the MIND, by using a faculty I refer to as “DM=SI,” [Defense Mechanism equals Subtle Insanity],  can feed delusional thoughts to the Left-Hemisphere of the brain, which causes the brain to “think” whatever the MIND wants it to think.

It is possible, in other words, for the MIND to cause a person to believe that he or she is experiencing the [energy of spirituality], when the energy that is actually being experienced is MIND-level energy, which is emotional energy created by the MIND.   Because modern mental health and what is said to be “psychology” fail to teach Man about the MIND [what it is and how it operates], our ignorance of the MIND can lead us astray. It is important, I believe, for people to realize that neither the brain nor the MIND can perceive the Energy of Spirituality.

So, how does one differentiate between emotional energy and Spiritual Energy?  Sadly, Man is not meant to “intellectually” discover the Spiritual Energy that exists “hidden” Within Man.  The only way for us to tap into the Spirituality Within ourselves is via prayer, meditation, or Intuition.  And Intuition is slowly awakened Within us as we grow and mature as Souls.  There is a “safeguard,” so to speak, wherein none of us can get ahead of our own “evolution of Consciousness,” or what I refer to as the “C’etc” of ones Soul. C’etc is pronounced C_etcetera, and this symbol refers to the Virtues of Life each of us is slowly developing over many, many lifetimes.  And here is where some religions depart from Eastern mysticism.

In Christianity, the belief is that Man only has one life in which to explore and experience the entire Creation as part of the process of becoming Perfect.  I disagree with this notion, but each person is free to believe what he or she is ready to believe.  I have also found that there is no conflict between all religions on Earth… except in how each is interpreted by Man. In other words, I absolutely believe in the Bible, and especially in the book of Revelation; While at the same time, I believe that we Souls are part of both the Law of Karma, and that of Reincarnation.  Only Man demands that God cannot operate multiple programs simultaneously.  The Creation is a massive operation, and it is the ego [and ignorance] of Man that causes Man to limit the Creation to what the brain can deal with.

If the people of the Earth were better educated in the Reality of Life, there would literally be no more war, conflict, or need for racism.  But, life on this Earth is not meant to be a Utopian existence, it is meant to provide each Soul an endless opportunity to grow and mature.

I believe  the  Second Coming of Christ, in about 7 years from now, will occur just as it is stated in Revelation, and that those Souls that have maintained a love of Christ [the son of God], will be resurrected and spend 1,000 years in paradise [on the Astral region of Creation].  And that following that splendid experience, the Bible says that Satan will be loosed for a period.  What happens after than awaits the discovery of Man.

You see, hidden Within each of us is a subtle body that is known as the Astral Body, and the Astral Body is the body we find ourselves in when we die.   When people describe what is called “a near death experience,”  these people are viewing the physical plane from their Astral Body, which is in the Astral dimension of Creation.

There are four divisions of Reality. Three of these are part of the Creation, and the fourth is the Spiritual dimension, which is part of the primordial Energy itself.  And all of these dimensions exist simultaneously, but using ones physical senses, one is confined to the physical dimension only.   There is the Earth plane, the Astral region, and the Causal region.  The Fourth dimension is the Spiritual dimension, which is the primordial Energy from which the Creation was formed.  And no, I have no “proof” of this, and for those who need proof, you are not ready to awaken to this data, so don’t concern yourself with it.

It is the Astral Body of Christ that appeared to his disciples, and they could “see” his Astral Body using their Astral [Enlightened] vision… or the sight of their own Astral Bodies.  The Astral region of Creation [which is the next vibrational region of Creation beyond the physical universe] exists, but it is also invisible to the brain and physical senses.

Is it not just a bit presumptuous of some people to say with intense certainty that what their religion teaches is the only reality there is, when obviously there is a reason for so many religions?

Islam captures a great many Souls whose “needs” are met by the teaching of Islam.  Such Souls need a rigid structure to combat their MINDs which are more powerful, relative to the development of their Souls.  The problem with Islam is that aspects of the Koran are alien to the welfare of Man… when interpreted and used by Intelack individuals [or people whose Souls are not very Enlightened].

Nothing is not nothing, but is phenomena that exists beyond the reach of the brain and physical senses.  And nothing begins in the Astral region and become even more “nothing” as one progresses into the higher dimensions of Reality.  For those Souls who imagine that this physical plane is the “best place to be,”  the mystics tell us we will all be surprised at the indescribable beauty of the “inner regions” of Creation. And only those Souls that are “ready” to enter the Spiritual Reality itself  can do so.  And none of us on this physical plane “fit” that description. We have a long way to go, in other words.

In the next blog, I would like to introduce Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.


Brother James


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