Nothing + Nothing = Truth [blog 1 in a series]

Strangely, the first principle of the illusion of life is that nothing is the absence of something, and something can be intellectually known, demonstrated, duplicated, and physically “proven” to exist.

On the other hand, the first principle of Reality is that nothing + nothing =Truth.  So, am I correct, or is science correct?

And the answer is… it depends upon how Enlightened one is?  And just in case the reader is unsure what the term “Enlightened” means, let me explain.  Have you ever heard of a college course entitled “Introduction to Nothing in Pursuit of Truth”?  I have not heard of such a course, and it is unlikely that you have either, since in academia it is popularly thought that only a fool would pursue nothing…

And yet, before “something” is “discovered,” what is it?  It is nothing, right?  The game of life is that Man has an ego, which is a sense of being provided to ones conscious awareness by ones MIND, whose job is to insure that one remain within certain constraints in awareness… consistent with the level of “evolution” of ones Soul.

Now, if you know what one is, and conscious awareness is, and ones Soul is, then you need not read this blog at all.  On the other hand, if you are unsure what I mean by these underlined expressions, then I had better explain what they refer to… Another curious thing is that many people who are confined to Intellectualism will automatically “think” they know what these underlined expressions mean because they can look them up in a dictionary.  Question?  In what dictionary will you find an “experience” of your Soul?  I’ll wait for you to try and remember where you discovered the experience of your Soul?

And if you did not find an experience of your Soul in a dictionary, how then do you KNOW what your Soul is… even though you “think” you know?  How quickly the Atheist dismisses the idea of a Soul, and yet, the Atheist has no idea what the Soul is?  What’s a good name for, or description of such a person?  Intolerant and aggressively hostile towards the term Soul?  Or just someone who is fearful of the unknown, and the MIND of such a person causes the brain of such a person to “think” that the Soul doesn’t exist… because he or she cannot “prove” the existence of the Soul?  And the greatest “need” of the Atheist is to be in CONTROL of Life.

Axion:  The degree of hostility of a person towards something is exactly equal to the degree of fear within that person being “vented” in hostility.  Hostility = fear [or ignorance].

Is it not just a bit humorous that the Atheist is so upset over what he or she demands is “nothing”?  Apparently “nothing” has the ability to provoke a strong reaction within someone who is ignorant of what the Soul is?  The reason for this is that “nothing” for the Atheist is Truth for the Enlightened individual.  So, is Truth invisible to some people, while it is capable of being experienced by others?  It would seem this is the case, right?  It seems this way because this is the case.  But something is missing in this discussion, right? What causes people to be different?

Axiom:  Ones level of Consciousness depends entirely upon the level of Spiritual Evolution acquired by ones Soul.

Of course we have the phrase Spiritual Evolution to contend with. In a nation where the term “Spiritual” is applied to the color of a car, or a dress, or the emotional excitation during intercourse… this term has obviously lost its Esoteric meaning…. or the fact that the term Spiritual refers to a vibrational dimension existing Within Man, and at the same time… this vibrational dimension is the primordial Energy of existence [or God]…. Which I refer to as Neutral Spiritual Energy, or NSgy.

And if you consider the term “Neutral” for a while, you will discover this term is synonymous with “Nothing”.  What do you know that is neutral? What I came up with many years ago, is “nothing”. Every part of the Earth is about change, and thus, no part of the Earth, including we human beings, is/are neutral.

Axiom:  Neutral is an Absolute Energy, and  thus, the same Energy as that of Truth, and this Energy never changes.

Since 1972, I have been aware that what we call “life” is not just one thing, it is a series of things, each one of which is called a “lifetime”.  In other words, the demand by Christianity that Man can only have one lifetime to explore, experience, and grow to Perfection… is in sharp contrast  with Reality [and Eastern mysticism].  It seems to me a bit strange that Christianity assumes that it can dictate to God what Life is, and how the Reality of Life operates!  But then,  the ego of Man is almost boundless in how much it can assume to know about a Reality that the normal person can neither see nor experience.

End of part I…


Brother James


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