Who Seeks to Protect Homosexuality? Part 2

In Part 1, I introduced the reader to the concept that hidden Within each of us [unless we have undergone specific Psychotherapy to discover and eliminate deeply repressed misperceptions taken on by our MINDs]…  is a host of intensely negative and fully non-conscious misperceptions that our MINDs take-on at the time of our births. And to be facilitated in this discovery  is rare, simply because there are very few psychotherapists capable of operating Within the [invisible] domains of the MIND of Man.

The term “Within,” by the way, refers to the operations that take place deep inside of ones MIND [in dimensions that are not physical, and thus, not capable of being seen nor measured by physical instrumentation].  This makes such phenomenon “invisible” to the brain, and this is quite frightening to those who believe the brain can perceive everything in Creation.

Empathy, or what I refer to as “Empathetic Understanding” [which is a virtue one’s Soul naturally acquires over a long, long time] utilizes the faculty of Intuition, which is an aspect of ones Spiritual dimension.  And Intuition is the only means by which a person can awaken to the Knowledge that exists within the Spiritual dimension Within a person.

I am saying, in case the reader has not picked up on it… that there are two different types of people on Earth.  One is the Intelack [or those people whose Souls are not yet mature enough to possess much Knowledge, and cannot therefore be trusted with the Truth], and the other type people are Enlightened, or those in possession of various levels of Knowledge [which means elements of what the Bible refers to as the Holy Ghost, or Spirit, or what the ancient Greeks called “Consciousness”].

Again, it is rare for a person to know much about Intuition because it has not been taught as part of education for a very long time.  The fact is, the Intelack class personality does not possess the level of Consciousness required to enable access to Intuition.  And Intuition is just another name for Truth, which is part of Knowledge, which is only found Within Man [and only accessible via one’s Intuition].

Let me also add that Common Core [which is an Intelack idea,  is based on the fear the Intelack type personality has of the Unknown of Life].  In other words, the Intelack fears Truth [or anything Spiritual] and thus, fears both the Creativity of a child, as well as the spontaneity of children.  Common Core is designed to eliminate the natural gifts of Knowledge a Soul has earned, and replace this with Intellectualism, which means brain-level thinking absent all reference to the other three quarters of the whole of Man. Enlightened children are naturally Intuitive… until this is squashed by parents, teachers or other Intelack type personalities.

So, who seeks to protect homosexuality?  Those people who are either suffering from the disease themselves, or those people who are Intelack, and thus, driven by their MINDs to protect the psychological dishonesty of those who have chosen to create the false identity of homosexuality.

There is nothing more frightened [and thus tenacious in protecting itself]  than a MIND that has created a false identity, and must now defend that false identity.  And of course the MINDs of those people who have created the false identity of homosexuality are Intelack class personalities, and this means lacking in Consciousness, and they have no idea that they are being Controlled by their MINDs in every thought and action in which they engage.

To suggest that homosexuality is a “lifestyle” is grossly misleading. The symptoms appear as a lifestyle, but the causal factors behind the symptoms are entirely non-conscious to those infected with the disease.

The reason the fields of mental health and psychology are so insistent that homosexuality is “natural” is that they have no idea what causes homosexuality… and rather than be honest with the nation, and with themselves, they shamelessly blame nature as the cause.  This is the reason those trained in BS&bp  work so hard to discredit and condemn those therapists who [possessing a naturally elevated level of Intuition], are  capable of helping the homosexual disengage from the false identity his or her MIND has created.

You see, the only therapists capable of facilitating the homosexual in recognizing and dissociating from the false personality of homosexuality… is a therapist who has been facilitated in the discovery and accepting of the deeply repressed traumata hidden Within  his or her own MIND.   And, not everyone is capable of this level of Empathetic investigation of the Esoteric MIND dimensions.  And most certainly not the Intelack class personality who is presently being licensed  in America.  Yes, there are hundreds of licensed mental health workers who insist that homosexuality is “natural”.  They insist on this to protect themselves from having to admit to themselves or others that they have no idea what the MIND is, or how it works?  So the easy thing for them to do is just deny the MIND, and pretend that the disease of homosexuality is “natural”.

An axiom I enjoy sharing is:  Evil loves evil.  That is, the Intelack class personality  quickly rushes to the aide of any Intelack who is being challenged regarding the Truth, Reality, or anything of a Spiritual nature.  In other words, the corrupt politician will find a great many fellow Intelack politicians rushing to defend him, or her.  And no amount of logic or truth will discourage the Intelack from lying.

So, if a portion of the nation elects an Intelack who lies him/herself into an elected position, the only way to deal with such a person is to remove that person from office. NO INTELACK PERSON WILL CHANGE IN THIS LIFETIME.  And that is something you can count on.  I’m not saying the Intelack will not pretend to change, or talk as though he/she has changed [that is something the Intelack is gifted in doing].

How do we identify an Intelack?  Well, you merely need to listen carefully to what the Intelack says.  All Intelack people are to some degree Marxist.  That is, the Intelack truly believes in the delusional notion of the Utopian ideal.  That is:  Life is unfair, unjust, and life requires Man to correct Life.  This leaving God out of the equation entirely is the first clue.  The denial of the Law of Karma is a second clue. And the most obvious clue is that the Intelack insists on taxing the rich so that what the rich have earned can be given to the poor [who the elitist Intelack is convinced are unable to take care of themselves].

The desires of the MIND [which represents “evil” in the war between good and evil on Earth] are Greed, Envy and an insatiable need to Control everyone and everything on Earth.  If you consider the Democrat, or Liberal [both of whom are Intelack] you will find they truly believe they know best what Man needs, and what they is.. is to be taken care of.  If this sounds like socialism, communism, or just plain liberalism, it is all the same; and it all springs from the Intelack class personality.

The Purpose of Life is for we Souls to slowly learn what evil is, and what the consequences of engaging in evil are?  This is precisely what the many different types of Hells are for, which exist on the Astral region of Creation.  So, when the Intelack class personality “thinks” that life is unfair… this thinking is provided to the Intelack by his or her MIND. The process of the MIND involved in this is explained Here.

The entire Creation is designed by God.  And God is both Absolute and Perfect.  To deny God, or to deny the Perfection of His Creation is easy to do for the Intelack [who lacks Consciousness].  But the Enlightened individual has deep Within him/herself a sense that God exists, and that this Earth is an illusion.  The “sense” is Intuition allowing the Enlightened person to tap into Knowledge… And this Knowledge is not available to the Intelack class individual.

In the Bible, Christ told his disciples that “it was given for them to Know” the truth behind the parables of Christ.  And that for the masses, they were unable to “see” nor “hear” the Truth.  Well, nothing has changed… except that too many Enlightened people have forgotten that Reality exists other than on this Earth.


Brother James


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